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Originally Posted by DontRunMeOver View Post
Yes, I expect there are better names that it could have and some people have issue with the current name. But R'n'B is the name that has stuck and it's not a completely innacurate one.
Ok, your argument is fair enough. The label isn't really completely inaccurate; my own view though is that as an ALL-ENCOMPASSING term, "Urban Pop" does the job a whole lot better. Especially considering that you frequently even find tracks like Akon's "Smack That" being called R'n'B.

As for the harmonies, I think that the reference to gospel you made was a good point - actually I think the harmonies are arguably more gospel-derived than blues-derived. Though above all, I'd say that the harmonies show more 80s soul influence (though yeah, you could equally point out that soul was partly derived from the blues - though it went its own way).

Incidentally, I seem to remember that when this sort of music started getting more mainstream in the early/mid nineties (such as back when Adina Howard's "Freak Like Me" was all the rage), people I knew would refer to it as "swing", or even "hip hop" (as in soul with hip hop beats) - I never heard the term R'n'B being used really popularly until a good deal later down the line. Though maybe I just missed it.
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