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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
I.m not going to get into a flaming war, but i am not retarded. You don't know who the **** I am. I disagreed with your post. If you have read some of my previous posts, you will know that my favourite band is Pink Floyd. If someone disagrees with your opinion, you dont call them retarded, because perversely; that's what your retort is and no, I don't understand what I said. English is a completely foreign tongue to me. you have an extremely short fuse and it is'nt the first time you have disagreed with me so vehemently.

We can exchange opinions but calling people retarded is out of order.
Its not that simple. When you call somebodies post "F*cking bullsh*t" unprovoked and make the kind of generalisation about the band that you did like its pure fact. You can't expect that person not to get a little irritated by your attitude.

You response was not nice at all and was uncalled for, and now you're talking down to me a like you're a damn mod?
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