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Originally Posted by IamAlejo
Basically your country has no army and has depended on the US for protection for years. As I have said before, the Salvation Army could go in and take over Canada. Illegal War? LMFAO, the US Congress voted to go to war. We don't need permission from anyone if we want to do something. The UNITED STATES went into Iraq and had some of their own soldiers killed while the whole world sat back and watched. As soon as we found Sadaam all the other countries decided to join in the rebuilding process. We said "**** that" cause you didn't help in the first place. BUSH didn't kill anybody. Say the US if you want to, cause the US went to war. CONGRESS voted to go to war. If you knew ANYTHING about United States politics you would know the President can only move troops for 60 days on his own terms and then they would have to pull back without a Congress vote. We asked for UN help in the situation. With Iraq funding terrorism and terrorism being a big thing in the US we needed to go in and take out Iraqi funds (all coming from Sadaam Hussein and his supporters). And judging by your first statement of "You aren't 100% sure. Put it this way, a country might have the weapons of power in order to hit your country. Would you sit back and wait for them to attack? And if you say yes, well then you are a ****ing idiot. All you people know NOTHING about the feelings of soldiers and the families. I go to school with kids whose parents are in the military (More than 3/4 my school is military families). Those kids are DAMN proud to see their parents out their fighting for what we feel is right. So if you got a problem with it, then **** off.
Wow. First of all, citing the "we could take over your country with the salvation army" thing just proves how weak your information really is. Canada's underdevelopped military (to put it nicely) has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the situation in Iraq. Yes i'll be the first to admit that our military is a joke, but the reason for that is beacuse we have no need for an army. Go anywhere around the world, and there are no countries with hostile feelings towards us. Now don't go and say that the reason that so many countries hate the US is because they're "jealous of your economy" or your "freedom". The reason no one hates Canada is becasue we have a very passive and peaceful foreign policy, which is why we'd never have any incentive to go to war, because no countries would ever have the incentive to go to war with us. The US on the other hand, has a LONG history of engaging in wars with little reason or verifiable evidence. Case example: Vietnam, and now Iraq. Afghanistan is a completely different story, the US had every right to go to war, and did so, good choice. Maybe that's why they had so many countries volunteering to help, as well as having the full support of the UN. Now Iraq, NO verifiable evidence of weapons of mass destruction, or any link to Al Queda. Therefore no UN support. The UN was established as a body of reason in the world, to try and prevent any unneccesary wars in the future. Every war affects the entire world, not just the countries actively engaged in the fighting. Just pause to think for a minute how the world would be affected if EVERY country acted out the same foreign policy as the US. If EVERY country went to war with another becasue they didn't agree on how the leader ran thier own country, what do you think would happen? EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY in the WORLD would be at war. Sound like a nice senario? no. Now I'm not by any means defending Sadam. I think that the type of crimes he committed in Iraq were absolutely disturbing. But don't you think that bombing the hell out of the country might not have been the way to go? Yes, the US army effectively removed Sadam from power. However, they also destroyed a huge portion of their major cities, killed an enormous amount of the population, and crippled any possibility of having a stable economy for years to come. To put it bluntly, The US f***** Iraq up big time. So how the hell can you call that liberation?
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