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Originally Posted by IamAlejo
Iraqi President Sadaam gassed his own people, yet we go in their and take him out and we are bad people? No, and who said that taking a small step back won't lead to a huge step forward. No one promised this new Iraq to be great immediately. It will take time. And the reason for your weak army is your dependance on the US. If only we put an ban on Canadian goods in the US, your economy would be in the dumps. Canada depends on the US so y'all should just shut up and go with it. The UN bomb inspectors were put there because of Iraq difficulties in the past. The bomb inspectors were supposed to have full view of anything they wanted and they didn't get that. And if the UN is so powerful, how come the bomb sanctions that were put on Iraq were not held onto. The bombs we DID find in Iraq were illegal for Iraq to have according to the "UN" sanctions. Of course, I guess they made them. NO, countries such as Russia and France had been selling missiles to Iraq for years. Why do you think they are all against it?
Canada does do a large amount of trade with the US, and yes, Canada's trade relations with the US does impact our economy. However, the US is hugely dependant on our exports too. Why the hell do you think they call it interdependace? The US would be screwed if Canada put a ban on American goods as well. Intersting fact for ya: The majority of cars sold in the US were actually manufactured in Canada (Ontario to be exact). That's just one example of how much your economy depends on us, just as our economy is dependant on yours, to an extent. So please, in the future, no one say anything about how much Canada depends on the US, because it works both ways. Next. "small step back" might be a bit of an understatement when it comes to the extent of damage the US has done to Iraq. And thanks for stating the obvious when you say it will take some time. The trouble in the middle east will most likely not end with Iraq. There's a huge probability that the Bush administration will go after other countries in the so called "axis ov evil". Finally, the whole point in posting that article (above this post) is to point out just how unqualified president Bush is to run the country. And yes, I know how politics work, I know that Bush has an entire administration that contributes to his decision, and I know as well that congress makes a huge impact too. But the fact is, it was Bush and his administration (made up of people he chose to run with) who began the allegations against Sadam after 9-11, it was Bush and his administration who fed the public all the propoganda about weapons of mass destruction and links to Bin Laden, it was Bush and his administration who pushed for war in Iraq. The man who has made all these critical decisions is the same man who is incapable of stringing together a a basic sentence without a team of qualified speech writers. And yes, I know every president in the history of the US has employed people to write the speeches, but not many of them earn entire segments on late night talk shows composed entirely of made up words and grammer mistakes that a second grader could point out. And this is the man who's running your country. Doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling?
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