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favorite line:

In a world so full of change
So full of what we've come to fear

i think you should use "always stay the same" instead of "never fade away"

"fade away" in general is over used i think.

i dont really like:

When tomorrow is today
Don't wish it was yesterday
You can't count on the past
To keep the future away

When change comes to your door
Embrace it like family
There's nothing strange about the
Sun when it shines on a new day

at all. Or the last

With time we all grow old
And yesterdays come and go
With no more love left to give
Our lives will soon begin to end

When death falls at your door
Embrace it with sympathy
And feel sorry for the way that
It can't take the life of a new day

So don't be afraid
Of what tomorrow brings

Don't be afraid
It's a new day

those two both sound way too preachy to me.

other than that, the first two verses are very good i think.
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