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Originally Posted by British_pharaoh View Post
again I refer back to the inferiority subject

innovation shouldn't be heralded just because it's new and original, there are a ton of really bad experimental bands and all innovation leaves behind a trail of ****e.

Smashing Pumpkins weren't the Velvets or Frank Zappa but they hardly made '**** music' as you call it

they just made one of the best alternative rock albums ever

Siamese Dream is important because it raised the bar of what an alternative rock record should sound like and became the face for the whole Alternative Rock genre.
I can see that and thinking about it I'd rather listen to Nevermind though I don't care for either but I hardly think doing something different for one scene makes it better than an album that did something for music as a whole.

and you're still dodging
Yeah I replied saying it was irrelevant because you don't even know my opinion on those three albums. The Beatles obviously had more impact than the Velvets because the Beatles are probably the most popular band in the world but we're comparing two bands of similar popularity Beck and the Smashing Pumpkins. Odelay introduced something brand new to the music world and your argument for Siamese Dream is raised the bar...for one music scene.

whether or not I know your opinions on the above albums doesn't matter

what matters is not many people in music would disagree with grouping those 3 albums together in terms of being 3 magnificent albums of the 60's
I wouldn't disagree with Siamese Dream ending up on a best album of the 90s list, I never said I would even though I don't like it. I would disagree with it being placed higher than Loveless and Odelay.

now they are all different pieces of work
but wouldn't you call all of them important?
would you put the Velvets higher than the Beatles jsut on the basis of innovation and experimentation??
I basically replied to why the Beatles would probably rank higher because their impact was much more scene and the Beatles WERE actually quite experimental and introduced tons of new things. I think a more apt comparison for Siamese Dream vs. Odelay wouldn't be two experimental albums anyway.

Originally Posted by British_pharaoh View Post
influence becomes a bigger factor here also

more bands have been influenced by the Pumpkins than Beck or My Bloody Valentine

granted Alternative Rock is a much more popular genre and certainly more accessible but facts are facts
See I completely disagree with that. I think Odelay quite a bit of impact, though it's kind of hard to see because Odelay still sounds just like Odelay and no one's copied it but it still had enough impact to where its comparable, and I think comparing the Smashing Pumpkins impact to My Bloody Valentines's is just laughable.
Originally Posted by METALLICA89 View Post
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