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Originally Posted by ProggyMan View Post
Damn, allwe get is good headlinging acts, the biggest names, nothing small. There's occasionally something good in San Jose, but I never make it.
I think I'm spoiled. Seattle is the place to be for live music. Hands down.

EDIT: Ok, LA and NY have their advantages.

Originally Posted by sleepy jack fire drill View Post
Ohh I heard about that too late. I was bitching to my friend about how boring Bumbershoot had become lately and how there was nothing worth seeing and he then told me about that one but I couldn't afford the tickets. I'm going to What the Heck Fest instead though, which is over in Anacortes which looks like it will be fun. Mount Eerie, Kimya Dawson, Calvin Johnson are really the only semi-notable names though.

Holy moly! Don't tell me we're in the same area??!!
EDIT: I have tix to Bumbershoot this year already. The line-up keeps getting better, and I haven't been for three years or so.
Damn that Chuck Norris. He's ruining it for twinkies everywhere.

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