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Default 'blaabb' & 'emosteez'

This is my first thread and these are the first songs I've ever written. I usually don't have much to say ever but I was in a artsy mood this afternoon. They are jumbled and pretty elementary. maybe rate 1-10 (5-10) if you can read through.

-this one is anti-war. yah maaan. sounds wannabe punk
Fought all evening to stay afloat
to stay above your every quote
All you say, you only dote
on the ones who grasp your throat

And when your breath says combustion
when your mind's had its instruction
all your life's such a distraction
you won't ever see the destruction

Good thing you'll never think
but then you'd never speak...
of course I kid, you'd still repeat
-this one is emooo and messed at the end
I can't live being liked
I've never done it
I need to think
I'm hated to be
Anything resembling me

Sooner or later
It will be seen
I'll never be
what you thought this thing
Anything resembling me

all throughout life
I've seen that face
all end in a sigh
ur smile's a phase
and from time to time
I'm sure you'll remember
but you'll be just fine
cause living love lives not in memory
it lives in the next in line.
a music still a nazi
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