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Default Paul Weller - Stanley Road (1995)

With Stanley Road Paul Weller has managed to prove to his fans and his critics that he is still an important musician even in his solo days. He hasn’t just written 12 good songs, instead, he’s written one great album. A factor in any great album is the overall feel that perpetuates each song, making them all feel as though they deserve their place and complimenting the songs that come before and after them.

A mostly guitar driven album, Weller fuses good solos and riffs with his usual effective lyrics, often ending a song with a long instrumental that gently ushers in the next song, which gladly and competently carries the album along. However, there is the occasional song that primarily uses the piano evoking another great feel. Though these songs are quite different from the guitar based ones, they seem to come at just the right points in the album so that, not only are they a nice change of direction, but also they effortlessly fit in. To truly appreciate this fine album start at the beginning and just let it play on to the end. It far outweighs the sum of its parts, and as these parts are so good, you’re in for a great journey.

The Changing Man-This was a hit in the UK and is a good indication into how this album will sound. There are some great little examples of guitar work going on here, more will follow throughout the rest of the tracks.

Porcelain Gods- This songs brings the mellow vibe with its gentle electric guitar opening. The highlights are the lyrics; ‘How disappointed I was to turn out after all, just a porcelain god, that shatters when it falls’.

Walk On Guilded Splinters- Another slow bluesy track that follows on nicely from the previous. Again, the lyrics shine above all in this song. Wellar really does have a way of writing some interesting lyrics and his delivery of them are always great. The track ends with a slow jam that trickles to the end. Not a great tune, more of a little jam session that made it onto the album.

You Do Something To Me-From the beautiful piano intro we immediately know that we are going to hear something different in this song than wat was heard in the previous tracks. Simple and effective lyrics and likewise in the piano and guitars make this song so beautiful. A major standout on the album, absolutely heaven.

Woodcutter’s Son-Back with a rocking guitar intro, a piano quickly joins in and we’re back with a more upbeat tempo. This tune is quite catchy, and Wellars gruff voice shines throughout. Again, another track that ends with a long jam.

Time Passes-A lovely intro, great lyrics and a lovely mellow feel to it. I always forget about this track whenever I think about this album, but when it comes on I just fall in love with it all over again.

Stanley Road-The intro will have you tapping your feat to the piano and drum, another catchy little number. Despite the fact that this is the title song, it isn’t anything too special. There is nothing wrong with it but there isn’t that certain somethin that makes it stand out.

Broken Stones-Broken Stones is another simple yet beautiful track. Wellar can write great songs with great guitar parts that rock and groove but songs like this prove he can strip it all down and write a track that has the beauty and passion that other artists can.

Out Of The Sinking-A very bluesy song and once again some good lyrics. This song really suits Wellar’s style of singing, I find he has a really underrated voice.

Pink On White Walls-I really like this song, though it is by no means one of the best on this album. It surely is underrated, it is borderline mediocre but i think it just manages to get on the right side of the line.

Whirlpools’ End-Overall I don't rate this song, but there are some good parts to it. I find it really gets good about 2 minutes in. I do love the jam that appears at the end for at least 4 minutes. Would be nice to play along in the studio.

Wings Of Speed-The final song is a strange one to end with, it has a gospel feel and almost sounds like nothing else on the album, save for the piano that was present in some of the songs. I really love this song, again simplistic and beautiful, Paul’s voice holds it’s own and the background singing is just fabulous. This song is too short, it needs to have a few more minutes of it. I just love it.

RATING: 8/10

Excellent, maybe one or two weak tracks
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