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i'm with Little Know It All

if there wasn't going to be anything after this life
that would rob the meaning of it for me

before i became a Christian
the afterlife i was looking forward to was becoming one with the universe

now that i am a Christian
the afterlife i'm looking forward to is becoming one with God

and it may be that they are one and the same thing

but for now
i know i have a purpose -- i might not know what it is but i have one
i know i'm living a basically ethical life
i know that when i die i will go to heaven and the only hell i need to concern myself with is the one other people are making of this world

i wish there was a good way to explain it to all of you
so that you could know that deep peace of spirit
but until you have your own personal epiphany
you won't be able to understand and you won't want to hear it


i'll QFT
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