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Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Living for something you can't prove to be true has to be the saddest way to live life.
the fact is
i cant prove anything
so i have to have faith and trust
in science
that what i'm told is true IS indeed true

so i guess i was living a sad life to begin with

Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
I've never been able to understand how people of faith are so content wasting their potential on the improbable instead of living for what is known to be true. Furthermore, ethics are subjective. Sure you find it ethical to do Christian things but I see it as a great injustice not only to yourself, but to those around you, to profess blind faith of any sort.
just the opposite was true for me, Unfan

i didn't realize my potential until i became a Christian

Originally Posted by The Unfan View Post
Also, a universe with no all knowing beings is a universe with much more inherent freedom, and thus a more hopeful universe. Freedom and hope are joyous things. I'd find it reasonable to conclude that a universe with God is definitely less joyous than a universe without God.
i'm not sure how much more freedom you could gain without Him
since God gives us all free will

i was thinking about the homeless people the other day
and about how they are truly free
but its a freedom that leaves them less
in their lives and in their spirits

thats what i was before becoming a Christian
and believe me when i tell you

THAT is the saddest way to live life
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