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Default Couple poems...trying to turn into lyrics. Please help

Remembered Love

"Lights dimmed, thoughts disappear,

Actions that are not my own.

Lights come back, thoughts return,

The actions remain involuntary.

A stare that enchants, a touch that paralyzes;

Seduction at its peak absorbs me like a dream.

A lusty illusion embraces me;

Lust turns to love, as ice to water…

Will you stay?

Such a mocking thought to play with one's heart;

I hesitate a motion, but stray a second more.

The hesitation is noticed;

The sight of you is numbing, however,

Motion is a stalemate.

-Suspended in time, all else non-existant;

Show me the beauty of endless passion.

Show me the heart behind the wall,

…the forbidden fruit of desire.

Murmurs of fear fade into the warmth of your voice,

I am almost free of this entrapment.

Lace my fingertips with the key to that door,

So that I may free you from this entrapment, endangerment,

this prospective hell.

I escaped tonight.

I don't know what from, or where to, or how…

All I know is that I am gone,

But I am not alone."


My heart trembles in anger.
I can feel the darkness take over.
The mask is slowly consuming my face.
Why must you make me feel this way?


A strong word that sums up my feelings.
An ugly word I'd hoped to get rid of.
But my eyes are glowing,
Burning with the desire to obliterate.


That is in itself a sin.
A sin against the god you believe.
Why is it that you center yourself around it?
You have taken that sin and made it your personal army.

The Gods have blessed me with the intelligence to combat your anger.

My hatred.

If you only realized the sheer destruction I can cause,
Maybe then, you'd stop.
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