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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
It drives me nuts that MTV barley plays music anymore.. if they do its rap or r&b. Now i dont mind the ppl who like it but i remember in the mid 90's you could still watch a rock video or two. I just think that things have gone down hill and now ppl are more concearned with the BS that is spoonfed to them.
I want the Rock to be played in between Cribs you know. I just feel that in this materialistic world that we live in more so now than ever ppl dont even care about the music they care about things that surround it. Rap videos to me are basically billboards for clothes and other items.
And i guess that what ppl want right now... Its has no meaning...
there still are rock videos played on mtv. possibly by the chilis, or nickelback, or my chemical romance or their ilk. you might say this isn't rock. guess what. NOBODY GIVES A CRAP. it might be absolute shite but it is still rock. furthermore, the type of rock they used to play on mtv in the 90s was ALSO the crap, garbage type of rock. the only difference is that YOU like that type of rock. the reason it isn't played any more is because that style of mainstream rock has gone out of fashion, and the new current crap one has come in.

very little has really changed, all in all. I used to watch music channels all the TIME in the mid-90s back in my teens. guess what. it was mostly rap or r&b or pop, or some urban format or other. it's been like that pretty much since ever. the only thing that's changed now is that people remember the old days in a way that is unfaithful to what they really were.
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