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The Sundowners - Captain Nemo


1 Sunny Day People 2:36
2 Edge of Love 3:10
3 Let It Be Me 4:36
4 Dear Undecided 2:24
5 Ring Out Wild Bells 2:27
6 Plaster Casters 2:43
7 Captain Nemo 3:45
8 Always You 2:54
9 Easy Does It 2:48
10 Blue-Green Eyes 3:03
11 So Sad 3:59

The Sundowners were formed in 1959 in Lake George, New York; however they only ever released one LP, the cult classic Captain Nemo in 1968, a low selling record which you can now purchase for a shockingly cheap amount (in Mancunia anyway).

The Sundowners between 65 and their subsequent demise in the late sixties would be there or thereabouts, coming close to fame and fortune but never quite achieving it themselves, playing alongside such household names as The Monkees, Ike & Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. They also tried their arm at acting, appearing in a couple of films in the late sixties alongside some illustrious names, but soon they would vanish leaving not much of a trace.

However the one trail they did leave for us all was their one release in 1968, released on the Decca record label. This is somewhat of a Sunshine Pop/Psychedelic underground classic; Captain Nemo was very much overlooked by the record buying public of the day. This was probably due to the amount of quality albums being released in that year which no doubt out muscled The Sundowners down the pecking order, particular with the alternative less mainstream record buying public. It also suffers from not having a particular outstanding single, something which I will come back to.

But now forty years on, I think this album can be reassessed as a release which should have done a lot better. The production on the album for example, done by Sundowner guitarist Dominick DeMieri, is of a very high and exceptional standard; the songs as said previously although not particularly amazing, are of a quality which as a collection of songs makes you feel satisfied with life, and a front cover which it has to be said is a fine piece of art.

So all in all, this album is actually a strong piece containing some nice wholesome tracks. Songs like the opening track, Sunny Day People, Dear Undecided and Edge of Love certainly will not have you going back to the shop for a refund. A definite must for collectors and a general all round thumbs up from me.
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