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Originally Posted by Anteater View Post
1. Since when has Screamo had any merit as a genre to anyone other than angry pre-teens and scene kids?

2. How is it possible for a thread to get hijacked mid-way by Grunge discussion? Seriously...

3. Screamo bands scream. There's no other way about it. Otherwise the label makes no sense whatsoever. What are you elitists trying to prove here?
What are you trying to prove? That screamo is a pointless, shallow, and insignificant genre of music? Music, an expression of passion and emotion that is so personal that every single human being on the planet can relate to some form of it? So what if screamo doesn't meet your standards of merit? What do you even know about screamo, about worthwhile music? Just because some assholes in black clothes who wear make up call themselves screamo fans does not mean that all screamo is about teenage angst. We're not elitist, but you know what is? Saying that music has no merit because teenage kids listen to it, and because it doesn't prove itself to be important enough to losers like you. Face it, your opinions are not the world's opinions. Your beliefs don't count for shit to some people, especially not in here. Do you see anyone of the posters in this forum come into the Classic Rock or Jazz forums and brazenly state that those genres have no musical value because a certain demographic listen to it? I didn't think so, so keep your arrogant comments and generalizatiosn to yourself.
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