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Originally Posted by anticipation View Post
What are you trying to prove? That screamo is a pointless, shallow, and insignificant genre of music? Music, an expression of passion and emotion that is so personal that every single human being on the planet can relate to some form of it? So what if screamo doesn't meet your standards of merit? What do you even know about screamo, about worthwhile music? Just because some assholes in black clothes who wear make up call themselves screamo fans does not mean that all screamo is about teenage angst. We're not elitist, but you know what is? Saying that music has no merit because teenage kids listen to it, and because it doesn't prove itself to be important enough to losers like you. Face it, your opinions are not the world's opinions. Your beliefs don't count for shit to some people, especially not in here. Do you see anyone of the posters in this forum come into the Classic Rock or Jazz forums and brazenly state that those genres have no musical value because a certain demographic listen to it? I didn't think so, so keep your arrogant comments and generalizatiosn to yourself.
Nice loss of credibility. Demographic? I didn't realize Jazz and various forms of rock music were somehow targetted toward a specific consituent, unless you are going to feed me some kind of bull**** that drug users are a viable demographic. And age wise, both my grandfather and I enjoy jazz music, so what kind of grouping are you trying to get at here?

Secondly, I never said my opinion was the world's opinion. It was intentionally a blanket statement, but unlike you I'm not representing the sheep. My statement is based on the logical assumption that most of the people who think they know anything about music are primarily stuck in their scene or generation's thinking to begin with, so its natural to assume they don't know anything about other forms of music unless they tell me otherwise.

And finally, why do I need to be some kind of enthusiast for a genre mostly based around the same 3 1/2-guitar chords, vocals, and 2 lines of subject matter to have a say how annoying it is? Seriously, I'd love to see the ignoramus who'd actually say to me with a straight face "Jazz has no musical merit", because by saying that you are effectively saying any form of music where improvisation and instrumental capability are valued is essentially worthless. If emotional appeal is the only argument you have, then you don't even have an argument; I could say the same thing about taking a good dump in the toilet every day; I feel cleansed and a lessening of bodily tension after I go, but is it something I want to smell and stare at all day? Hell no bitch!

And really, isn't it humorous that somebody who defends a scene on par with grunge as the single biggest gathering point for children and people with emotional problems is calling me a loser? And Christ, if my opinion is so worthless here, why did you even bother calling me out on it?

Swim's comment made laugh though. What a fine example of this sub-forum's frequenters eh?
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