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Originally Posted by Sonace View Post
I don't wish to troll but what do you expect with a genre like screamo. For god's sake it's taking one musical technique (sappy emotion, screaming) and stretching it into a genre. The "emotion" these bands put out by screaming isn't even felt after a while, it just gets boring. Sorry, I just had to throw in my opinion.
Well i think theirs a little bit more to the style of Screamo than just 'screaming' which was the point that people were trying to make in this thread as Underoath et al definitely aren't. Anyway, i don't like or understand the elitist bitching on this sub-forum about other genres of music like Metalcore when Screamo is just as generic if not more so than the genres that are mentioned. I think that liking Devil Wears Prada, Underoath etc is just as valid as liking Orchid and Honeywell etc. if you'e gonna roll out the generic argument. I think the problem is people will try and find a way of proving that the music that they like is intrinsically better than music other people like to validate themselves and feel superior and so will think of reasons to pick apart what otehr people like and label it 'generic' or 'scene' or whatever, but a genre like Grindcore is generic as they come, but ist never criticised. But i bet if a bunch of scene kids started jumping on Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Nasums ****s this whole forum would deride those bands as 'lame' or scene bull**** or whatever. I think i'm rambling a bit but you get the gist.
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