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Originally Posted by Kevorkian Logic View Post
I disagree, I think that previous to the Big Bang there was something, but one there was no time to measure what it was, and two taking Hartle-Hawking's idea is that the big bang was not the abrupt switching on of time at some singular first moment, but the emergence of time from space in an continuous manner. On a human time scale, the big bang was very much a sudden, explosive origin of space, time, and matter. But look very, very closely at that first tiny fraction of a second and you find that there was no precise and sudden beginning at all.

But this is off-topic.
Agreed that it is off topic,

My question to you would be what then? Simply because there has to be? Thats not a good enough reason. The honest answer is we will really never know. I will just continue on with my opinion. Maybe time was irrelevent since everything was traveling at the speed of light (stops time). Who knows.
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