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Originally Posted by SATCHMO View Post
I hope your not expecting me to play apologetics here. My aim was not to get you to believe in christianity or even to defend it, but simply for you to not make the assumption that all of it's followers are gullible bible-thumping morons.
I am one of those rare people who picks and chooses what he believes from a wide varieties of faith because I do believe that all faiths have a certain degree of truth to them. And I find in most cases where the "facts" are disputable the metaphorical value that can be obtained from ignoring the literal and seeing through to the figurative is where wisdom is obtained. This is what is basically wrong with western religion. So much of peoples faith is exhausted on trying to believe in something literally, that no wisdom is able to penetrate into their lives.
Not to be offensive, but the same thing happens invertedly with atheists and reductionists.The "i'll believe it when I see it" mentality They become so obsessed with what can be proven scientifically that they ignore everything supernatural or metaphysical. Science has come a long way since Isaac newton died almost 300 years ago. Wev'e grown past reductionist based physical science and are well into the realm of quantum physics. Science and religion aren't really as at odds with each other as we used to think, and a lot of what we would have filed under supernatural 20 years ago is becoming widely accepted scientific theory. It takes a while for the general public to follow suit and internalize a new paradigm.
Creationism is still ridiculously stupid we can agree on that for now.
You can't say that science and religion aren't in conflict with one another. Take Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus, which is in no way taking figuratively as it's the central belief in Christianity, in order for it to be true it makes a claim about the way the world operates. This claim is contradictory to everything science has observed about death. I'm getting tired of saying this.

If your goal is to tell me that all Christians are not bible thumping morons then you didn't even really need to argue this since I'm aware they're not. It's not like I run around giving other people grief if they're going to a church or anything. I believe people should have their personal freedom to believe whatever they like until of course in their life, there beliefs start imposing on my life. However a sense of respect for personal ideas doesn't mean that their ideas are not silly. It also doesn't mean I have to treat their ideas as equal when they come up in discussion (they're not) or believe that they're not making a mistake.
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