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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
Agreed that it is off topic,

My question to you would be what then? Simply because there has to be? Thats not a good enough reason. The honest answer is we will really never know. I will just continue on with my opinion. Maybe time was irrelevent since everything was traveling at the speed of light (stops time). Who knows.
I really don't know why you expect me to know what was before, when not a single scientist could probably tell you what was before.

Your time irrelevant theory doesn't hold because of the time space continuum thing.

When looking at quantum mechanics and quantum cosmetology, you basically learn that time didn't always exists, but at the same time the big bang was not the first moment of time

Originally Posted by cardboard adolescent View Post
the fruit of the tree was science, which keeps us out of paradise. it's aristotle walking in circles in the cave. we've been doing it forever, time to take a breather.
Originally Posted by toretorden View Post
I thought life and sins were the things that keep people out of paradise.
I vaguely remember this so there's probably going to be holes in this, but if i'm right he is arguing the idea that when eve picked the fruit of the tree she had to stand up on a box (was it a box?) to get to the fruit, and therefore she is using science. Upon using this "science" to get the fruit she is abandoning something (i wish I could remember) and now can judge evil and good. She now has consciousness. This consciousness keeps us out of paradise, because as long as we continue to judge what is evil and good we cannot be in paradise.

Or you could just take the view that science keeps us from paradise because science is empirical in nature, and the religion in the supernatural, so you can't believe in both empirical ways of seeing things and religious ways.

pick which ever one pleases you the most.
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