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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
I think my brain just exploded.... If you cant prove anything is there then what do you really know? Time started for us when this event happened period. Reason? Cause thats all we have.
No that's not true. Read up about quantum mechanics and quantum cosmetology and you'll understand. I really am not up for giving a science lesson today.

Originally Posted by cardboard adolescent View Post
she's abandoning her dependence on god. but crap, i've never heard about this box business before, i was taking it more on a metaphorical level.
The box has to do with the fact that since she was a woman (and women were short back then) she would have been unable to reach the tree on her own and would have had to use some sort of primitive technology to reach the fruit of the tree.

take that as you will.
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