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Originally Posted by zzz View Post
All I'm saying about Christianity is that it guides people down the right path, lots of people who could've done very bad things have chosen faith instead (I should know, I've talked to people who were thinking suicidally). People who don't have faith obviously won't use religion as justification, as their is no set principles for non-believing
This I think is the most off-putting aspect to Christianity for me. It's that holier-than-thou attitude that a lot of Christians have that they somehow have better morals, better judgement, and as an extension are better people than me because I don't believe in God.

I know TONS of people who proclaim to be devout christians, and they are some of the most dishonest, mean-spirited destructive people I've ever come into contact with. Christianity doesn't "save" people. I would not be a better person if I were a Christian, I would not be better off, I would not have an easier life.

I'd like you to clarify what you mean by "there is no set principles for non-believing." The way I understand it, you think that people who don't believe in God lack a system of principals and morals. I'm really tempted to go off on that but I'll give you a chance to clarify before I do.
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