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Frank Zappa: Yes. He's a staple when it comes to the avante-garde side of music and has a string of classic albums to his name.

The Clash:
Yes. One of the most important and deservedly popular bands from the first wave of British punk.

Bob Dylan:
Yes. Another one of music's most influential figures and has the classic albums to back him up.

Pink Floyd:
Yes. Dogs - 'nuff said.

Big Black:
I like what I've heard, but that's not really a lot of their stuff, so I'm afraid I'll have to abstain.

Tom Waits:
Yes. One of the most unique, prolific, charismatic and consistent people in music.

The Smiths:
Yes. I wouldn't call them one of my favourites, but there's no doubt they belong in the Hall Of Fame.

Chuck Berry:
I'll abstain from this one as well. As influential as he was, I simply don't listen to his music often enough.
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