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Old 04-13-2009, 05:52 AM   #1 (permalink)
Moodswings n' Roundabouts
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Default Music Banter Hall of Fame: Induction Thread 3

Third one now and there were a lot of positive nominations so it's a biggy! Read below if you don't know what to do.

The nominees are:

Frank Zappa
He's God, apparantly.

The Clash
Should they stay or should they go? (Ha)

Bob Dylan
Will you leave him on Desolation Row? (Ugh)

Pink Floyd

Big Black
Looking distinctly out of place here.

Tom Waits
It's Tom Waits.

The Smiths
No strong opinions here.

Chuck Berry
Open your mouth baby, here it comes.

How this works:

If you have over 100 posts under your name then you can vote, feel free to voice your opinions if you have less posts though.
There won't be a poll, votes will be made publically by posting in this thread. You can vote for yes or no as many times as you want, as long as there's an explanation for your vote. If you haven't heard enough so feel you can't decide you can abstain.
So a post here would look like....

Frank Zappa: Yes, because....
The Clash: No, because....
Bob Dylan: Yes, because...

The artists that get 2/3rd Yes votes for them get in, easy as that. Those who don't get in can still be nominated at a later date.

This'll be open for a week and a half, since people seem to be confused remember you are voting what YOU think should be in the Hall Of Fame, not what you think others would want or whatever.

Get voting broheims.

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Moodswings n' Roundabouts
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Frank Zappa: Yeah, i'd shy away from him calling a genius but he certainly made music more fun.
The Clash: Definitley, one of my favourites.
Bob Dylan: Abstain, i haven't got enough stuff i don't give him enough time sadly.
Pink Floyd: Yep, the more i listen the more i love.
Big Black: Yep, one of noise rocks best.
Tom Waits: In no way could i say no.
The Smiths: My favourite band, ja.
Chuck Berry: Nope. Don't get testy with me, he's influential but i never listen to him.

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Old 04-13-2009, 06:21 AM   #3 (permalink)
What a guy
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Frank Zappa: Yes, because Inca Roads is one of my fav songs and apparently his discography is pretty consistent. Not to mention I just listened to his first album, which was hilarious.
The Clash: Yes, because they're decent and very influential.
Bob Dylan: No, I don't like his style.
Pink Floyd: Yes, they've got several classic albums.
Big Black: Abstaining.
Tom Waits: Abstaining.
The Smiths: Yeah, great stuff.
Chuck Berry: Nope, I don't like his style, for all his influence.
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Old 04-13-2009, 06:28 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Frank Zappa: Yes, Well I did nominate him...
The Clash: Nah, not a fan.
Bob Dylan: Yes, You don't need to listen to too much of his discography to find stuff you like... Influential enough for it to be a factor for me
Pink Floyd: Yes, I used to be iffy on them, loving only an album or two but have since turned a corner
Big Black: No - I mean I like em and have all of their albums, I just don't like em enough
Tom Waits: God yes... Just the voice should be enough to get him in
The Smiths: Nah, never been a fan
Chuck Berry: Nada, listened to enough to realise it ain't my thing.

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why bother?
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Frank Zappa: Yes. He's a staple when it comes to the avante-garde side of music and has a string of classic albums to his name.

The Clash:
Yes. One of the most important and deservedly popular bands from the first wave of British punk.

Bob Dylan:
Yes. Another one of music's most influential figures and has the classic albums to back him up.

Pink Floyd:
Yes. Dogs - 'nuff said.

Big Black:
I like what I've heard, but that's not really a lot of their stuff, so I'm afraid I'll have to abstain.

Tom Waits:
Yes. One of the most unique, prolific, charismatic and consistent people in music.

The Smiths:
Yes. I wouldn't call them one of my favourites, but there's no doubt they belong in the Hall Of Fame.

Chuck Berry:
I'll abstain from this one as well. As influential as he was, I simply don't listen to his music often enough.
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Frank Zappa: Yes, used to be a huge fan some years ago, I wouldn't say I'm one now, but he was so influential...
The Clash: Yes, greatest punk band...
Bob Dylan: Yes, best lyricist ever
Pink Floyd: Yes, cause they are my favorite band after all...
Big Black: No, never liked them
Tom Waits: No, not such a big fan yet to vote yes...
The Smiths: Yes, best british band of the 80s, and that should count for something...
Chuck Berry: No, we don't have to vote yes for everyone who's in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, yeah I like 1-2 songs, but that's just about it...
...siempre es possible

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Old 04-13-2009, 06:55 AM   #7 (permalink)
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Frank Zappa: Nah, never been a fan.
The Clash: Yes, my first punk band!
Bob Dylan: Of course
Pink Floyd: Yes, random guys + Syd = god
Big Black: N/A
Tom Waits: Never, been a fan really, so no.
The Smiths: No, I've tried to get into Meat Is Murder and it's just boring. I should like them, they sound like my type of band but I don't
Chuck Berry: Nah, too boring.
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Old 04-13-2009, 07:31 AM   #8 (permalink)
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Frank Zappa: N/A
The Clash: Yes, great punk band.
Bob Dylan: Hell yes, he's a folk artist, plus he's amazing.
Pink Floyd: Yes, because they made Animals
Big Black: Yes, Songs About F*cking is one of my favorites recently
Tom Waits: Yes, He's TOM WAITS
The Smiths: My favourite band, so of course
Chuck Berry: No, I just don't like him
Originally Posted by Janszoon View Post
What? No. No. No. No no no.
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Frank Zappa: Yes, one of the only people who can play for nearly 10 mins and I still enjoy it (him and James Brown really)

The Clash: I'm honestly not that big of a fan. Sorry, but no.

Bob Dylan: Yes. Highway 61 was ballsy and thats merit enough for me.

Pink Floyd: No thanks. Sorry jackhammer, but their not me.

Big Black: I'd vote yes if I'd heard more, but for now I'm abstaining.

Tom Waits: Yes.

The Smiths: I voted no previously, but I think honestly they are deserving. I'm a huge proponent of people living outside of their times. Yes/

Chuck Berry: No thanks.
Originally Posted by rostasi View Post
Also, the bone flute came from cave bears.
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Later on...
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Frank Zappa
Sure why not!

The Clash
The only band that matters

Bob Dylan
I have come to love his lyrics

Pink Floyd
Yes yes

Big Black
I seem to be saying yes too much

Tom Waits
it's Tom ****ing Waits!

The Smiths
My inner Morrissey fanboy is coming out.

Chuck Berry
finally, **** off berry.
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