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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Alright well for the first thing I'd prefer to have a little more of an explanation as to why that matters. I'm fairly certain that many have worked in business, have had private practices and the like...

But as for the second, heres what I don't get. You keep saying price, and I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I'll assume you're pro-free market.

If what the "conservatives" say is true, government health care will take months to do anything. If that's the case, why would price matter? Shouldn't the government HC fail to catch on due to its inherent bureaucratic process?
First part is you're putting a ton of faith of handling major $$$ industries in the hands of people who have shown a complete lac of the idea of fiscal responsibly and are in love with the thought of taking on debt and leaving the debt to be recalled once they are a past thought. Not exactly strong business procedures.

And I do believe government health care will fail. The problem is if it fails, we've wasted a ton of much needed $$$ and pushed ourselves further into debt for a failed result. Even worse can be if we realize the failure after forcing out the private insurers and have encompassed ourselves in this system that at that point we wouldn't be able to get out of.

I'm not sure I completely understand your last point so hopefully I touched on something...been a long night.
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