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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
I really don't understand Nietzsche, but one should not say "God is dead." For all the people who lived before sought after and believed in a God and all the people that will live in the future after we are gone they too will believe in a God, and if one looks around there are people who believe in a God now, by saying "God is dead" one alienates oneself from the whole of humanity (past, present and future) who believes in a God. I had a choice of belonging to one of two groups one who believes God is Love and the other who believes "God is Dead," I would have to pick the group who believes in Love.
It's true that people have always believed in a higher power, but not necessarily everybody. Both sides have led to great accomplishments and great follies. But really, saying "God is dead" can mean a lot of different things, seeing as how the idea of an all-powerful creator can never be fully understood by most people, therefor opinions and ideas are infinite. So in my opinion, a lot of those Gods are deader than ****, and some of those Gods still make sense.
And I agree, man. Nothing wrong with a little love.
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