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Three 60s SKA & Bluebeat Songs Resurrected in the 80s Ska Revival

Rudy, A Message to You -Dandy Livingstone- Dandy's song was notably covered by the Specials in their 1979 2-Tone debut album

The Tide Is High- The Paragons w/ U-Roy Blondie did a great cover of this song their 1980 album Autoamerican. Debbie Harry had a great love of ska and reggae music Blondie frequently included one or two reggae covers in their live performance song lists. The group also had a minor hit in 1979 with the Debby Harry/Chris Stein reggae influenced song Die Young Stay Pretty.

Madness- Prince Buster The Prince Buster bluebeat hit Madness was covered by none other than Camden's favorite sons, Madness on their 1979 debut One Step Beyond. The song was one of the first bluebeat songs to hit the charts in the UK, way back in 1963.

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