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Originally Posted by TheBig3KilledMyRainDog View Post
Is that an argument against socialised health care? Look at this pragmatically; Obama's proposition - is it killing all privatised health care and making it impossible for people to pay for their medication if they so choose? In extreme cases such as Sutent the situation will remain the same in that the rich can afford this specific health care while the poor do not. In an NHS system the fact remains that the poor can still get access to a ****load more good treatment as a result of socialised health care while for the rich it remains much the same with a very slight tax increase.

Also consider this: per capita the French (who have a socialised health service) pays 50% less than the Americans. France has the best health service in the world. America is floating down at around 37. The disparity in cost comes primarily from the risk of lawsuits bumping premiums and meaning doctors will order innumerate tests to cover their asses. Another large cost comes from the fact that it's a largely cornered market where the big business has a stranglehold on setting the price market meaning they can charge lots because people will always need health care and always scrimp those pennies to help themselves to survive. And the other massive cost comes from admin expenses ensuing from an insurance system (something ranging from between 30-45%) whereas the admin costs for Medicare are below 5%. When you give doctors a chance to be doctors, as opposed to lawsuit fearing business men, you can cut out a hell of a lot of the cost involved in your medical system and get significantly better service to boot. Without reform you health system as it stands is eating itself from the inside. If anything Obama isn't going far enough, though whether or not that's his choice or just a hope at getting something actually passed is another question.

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