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Originally Posted by zeppy111 View Post
The most stellar thread of the lot man. You have put alot of good work in and im sure inspired alot of people to go out and explore reggae in more depth, including myself.

Although I don't download the songs like you mentioned further up, I have purchased close to 25 albums within the last 2 and a half months and spent copious amounts of hours reading articles and a what not.

Wouldn't mind hearing your opinion on The Mighty Diamonds? Their album "Get Ready" was the first reggae album I bought and a stellar one at that.
Your kind words are alway welcome and deeply appreciated. Music is largely a labor of love for me, be it my deejay gig, my remixing work, my writting about music or my collecting of music, so the occasional nod of recognition is the payment that rewards my labors.

Mighty Diamonds are irie, mon. Did I miss them on this thread? I'm not sure but I'll make up for it by posting a couple of rare singles tommorrow. I think I might even have some old 12" dub plates I can transfer, mix and upload.

Now on to the music side of the blog:

Don Carlos, Roots Radics and Nunz on Drugs Booming remix

From this point on, all of the music I'm posting is from my personal collection of reggae music. I've used up most of the good stuff currently posted to YouTube so I'll post my own 12" singles and remixes I do under my Nunz on Drugs alias. Which brings me to the topic of my current posting:

Booming Dub- Nunz on Drugs

This is my own dubwise remix of an old Roots Radics track that first appeared as the as a Don Carlos single Booming Ball in the late Seventies. I love doing remixes of the Radics because they alway have so many things going on riddimically. I decided to pull in the stable elements of Style Scott's ornate drumming , Flabba Holt's rock solid bass, and Sky Juice's conga playing and then destablizing their solid sound by wrapping it with flashing waves of echo, mostly from Dwight Pickney's guitar track. I did a slight downtempo adjustment to Don Carlos original bouncy version to make it more dub friendly.

Don Carlos' vocal is completely mixed out of the dub version because his gorgeous voice will always be at the center of tracks he performs on. I will also post the Don Carlos vocal version of Booming Ball you to compare.

I fell completely in love with Don's vocal and the Radics playing when I first heard this song in 1979 on my first trip to Jamaica. The genius of Lee Perry, Mad Professor, and King Tubby is they do a mix straight from the sound board on one take, right while the tape is rolling. On the other hand it took me several days of lost takes and howling frustration to studio quality remix. On this particular song I was at the point of giving up on it because I had to delete at least 2 dozen unsucessful takes and start the remix from scratch all over. Then last night I woke up around 3am sat down at the computer, did a one take remix, did a one take storyboard for the song and did a one take upload to YouTube. All in fifteen minutes.. for that short moment in the middle of the night I knew what it felt like to be King Tubby. Warning: If you are offended by PG13 images of seductive herb smoking nuns don't watch this. Nunz on Drugs projects reflects my own lurid fascination the holy order of the sisterhood.

Read more: Music Banter

Booming Dub- Nunz on Drugs

Booming Ball- Don Carlos and the Roots Radics Band

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