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Corby Lund is fantastic. He's been around awhile but like many other Canadian performers he doesn't get a lot of attention in Nashville and Austin. Corby was a member of a fairly successful indie punk band the Smalls in Edmundton Ontario in the early 90s.

Corby current backup band the Hurtin' Albertans is the best group of musicians he's ever assembled. The band can play in just about any style of country music be it hard rocking like Steve Earle or some of the more neo-tradtional and Appalacian styles. Corby's co-producer producer and guitarist Harry Stinson has played with Dottie West, Lyle Lovett and George Jones among others.

I'd love to do a couple of review of country albums that I like especially one of Gillian Welch's albums. I'm also a big fan of Steve Young who almost nobody has heard.
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