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Default John Mayer - Battle Studies

John Mayer has always pushed my limits as a guitarist, and this album is no exception.

I'll give it an 8/10 comparatively to his other albums.

Besides his horrible rendition of Crossroads and his idiotic attempt to break into country/pop, Half of my Heart, I really LOVE IT!

However, I do respect his variety... it makes him human. Listening to 45 minutes of the same sound in no way is John Mayer. I know Half of my Heart will grow on me, and maybe expand my own musical boundaries.

Assassin, now this song baffles me. To me it is already a classic. I cannot recall hearing anything like it. It seems to lie around the fringes of all of the music styles that make up his own.


Edit: Lyrically, the album is a step up from his previous albums I believe. Sometimes saying less, really says more to me.

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