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I believe it does make you feel things. I've tried a few doses. Felt pretty "drunk" after an alcohol dose. It could have been placebo but I did they cocaine one and was like well I don't feel much. This is bull****. Then I tried the alcohol one and was giggly as **** afterwards and a little dizzy. I feel like a fool, but maybe it did work for me. The placebo I'm sure is there and I bet thats where half the people get great feelings from... but if they called it "I-Doser: Your Number One Placebo Listening Thingy!" They would lose sales. Not only from that incredibly stupid name, but also because for a placebo to work people have to believe it will emulate the real thing.
Or something like that.
So yeah, I think it works.
If you believe.

It's like the santa clause of the drug world.
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