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Originally Posted by Vanilla View Post
I said true accord because it was a positive move for me, "in true accord I lose myself" means to finally let go of the pressures of life, and think about it for what it really could be.
Oh! I see now what you meant by losing yourself in a good way.

I am in a time in my life where I am really self reflective. I have such big struggles with my emotions such as I let others opinions in when I shouldn't. I'm trying to build a bit more confidence in myself, I want to make a life for myself that I want and it's a slow process. But in saying that, this is why I love writing poetry so much. No matter how awful you feel, how hurt, how terrified, writing it down into words really brings it out into the open to deal with. I always feel better afterwards.

Thank you very much for analysing my poems, it's really good to hear others perspectives as everyone looks at poetry in different ways.
I agree it is hard to ignore others' expectations and instead work toward what one wants and values. I remember when I decided not to continue in my Ph.D. program after I realized the research area didn't interest me and I felt no passion for it. I disappointed my major professors, get out with a masters instead of slogging through 3 more years of mentally exhausting lab research. After making the decision, I really did feel like a burden had been lifted from me. It felt nice to be the one lifting it off.

I love writing poetry for much the same reason, Vanilla. Thanks for sharing what's going on in your life that inspired your poems.
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