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I wrote this one tonight, after watching the Moulin Rouge.

The following poem is based on my response to Satine's "One Day I'll Fly Away":

When every moment begins,
Something always lingers inside me.
Whether my existence is merely a dismal will to belong; or
A struggle to beat the feathers off my skin.

In life you can't always follow the flock,
Sometimes in the darkness you lose your sensibility.
Looking over the line, wondering whether to fly across,
Knowing the danger but not knowing the cost.

You let out a bellowing cry,
A call for answers; for guidance from above.
Silence often resumes as you knew it would,
But the strain to make a decision stings.

In the end it's only you who can answer,
Looking out to a new a day.
When the sun trickles onto the world,
It's in your nest you lay.
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