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Default Addiction

Another one of my bands songs that ive written. This one is sung somewhat slower than most of our songs but picks up on the chorus. the music is still heavy and kinda sludgy with a rockin solo thrown in that ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on our moods.


Im not comfortable with change/
find myself slipping away/
in the confusion that ive made.../
with the illusions that ive played

I try to forget/
but i recall/
just when i think ive seen it all/
and everythings yesterdays news.../
no questions asked, no choice to choose

its hard to say what still remains/
lost connections/
broken chains/
portraits the water once reflects.../
The stones been tossed, that scene is wrecked

locked up, broke out, what else could i do?/
gotta get it through my head to stay away from you./
tied up, strapped down, preparing for the tease/
gotta get it through my head what it does to me./
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