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Originally Posted by IWP View Post
You want a reason eh? I'll give you a reason, I'll give you five to be exact.

1. They're music is inmensly overrated. I like grunge don't get me wrong I love Alice in Chains, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam, etc., but Nirvana are just put on a pedestal as "OMG DA GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIEM!!!11111" when in fact they are far far from it.

2. Kurt Cobain can't sing or write a song worth a ****. It's just the same old "oh I don't have a gun" "RAPE ME!!!!!!11111" bull****. Not to mention that some of their songs sound like glorified nursery rhymes covered up in distortion and angst.

3. They appeal to douchey scene kids, angsty teens, and 16 year old girls. My ex-girlfriend used to shove the ****ing band down my throat and go on and on about how great Kurt Cobain was and how much of an hero he was. Speaking about an heroes, haha. If she worships him so much she should go dig up his grave and do some necrophile **** to him for all I care.

4. They changed the state of rock music for the worst. Because of them, you have bands like Korn, Saliva, Slipkunt, Linkin Park, and good god no, Breaking Benjamin.

5. Their music just flat out SUCKS.

You may not like my opinion, but you're just gonna half to deal with it. =) I just plain don't like Nirvana.
As a huge Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fan I would be deeply insulted on behalf of them.... if your points weren't so redundantly retarted.
Seems to me you simply have issues with them and you don't have anything really solid to base that on. But sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion...
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