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Originally Posted by Flower Child View Post
Hmmmm, no chance Tegan and Sara grew up in the same surroundings and environment with the same people huh?
Well sure, but even then they aren't the same human being. Sets of identical twins do not grow up to be identical people.

That said, I don't have examples of identical twins who are a straight/homosexual pair. I'm not saying they don't exist, they very well may, but unless you are prepared to offer them, his theory is still valid, because mutations don't occur only at birth.

Truth be told, your argument is somewhat annoying, because it consists of refuting points with "Well you can't prove it's true." I invite you to offer some counterpoints of your own.

Regardless, I'm not sure people should know the source of it, because imagine the can of worms that would open up in either suggested instance.
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