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Originally Posted by Freebase Dali View Post
Uh... All [except (1)] of the things I typed that you're responding to here are fact. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about, but for the sake of argument:
1. I said "if". Check that word out. (Used for supposition in logical comparison with the following:
2. Fact: there are indeed mutations in genetic sequences that cause anomalies in humans. You should agree that this is a biological phenomenon, and not a phenomenon that involves being molested or something to that effect, correct? (I'll assume yes here)
3. Because you agree with (2), you agree that IF base sexual preference exists as a biological function (which makes sense, because we probably wouldn't be very prolific as a species if it didn't) that it is entirely POSSIBLE that there could be a functional misstep in the biology of basic sexuality, as referenced in (2).
Fact: Everything I say is fact, and I expect you all to accept it without question. Including you Freebase. And I clearly outlined that in my before post. Obviously.

Cmon, we're talking about something that affects roughly 4 percent of the population! (NOTE: I said roughly) I'm pretty sure that if scientists could prove people were born gay then it would have been done, or we would have heard something about it.

Just like you are assuming......I'm assuming that people are successfully able to smother instinctual feelings (sexuality) as a result to deal with trama, environment, desperation, society, WHATEVER, just like dogs are able to smother their instinct to bite after society affects or 'trains' them otherwise. A mindset changes. The instinct is still there, just smothered.

Now, I understand the apprehension in believing something scientific before there is proof, but you only have to use logic. In the scenario where a gay man or woman only becomes that way because he or she was traumatized into it requires FAR more supposition. And since there are many cases of homosexuals who have not been traumatized in any way refutes the entire position all together.

I dunno 'bout that. You're basically saying that every homosexual is aware of his or her "decision" to be gay and can simply "undecide". Or maybe you're saying that someone can be shocked into changing their sexual preference and they may not even realize it was an environmental thing? Either way, I think it'd be pretty hard to provide proof of either thing being a constant decider of homosexuality when there are so many people out there who can tell you a different story via experience.

And just for a side-quest, what do you think it would take for a person to "override" his own biological instincts and start being sexually attracted to the opposite gender?
sooooccccciiiiiieeeettttttyyyyy maaaaaaaannnnn

I still think nobody is born gay.
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