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Originally Posted by Sc0ttMurray View Post
I'll give you a reply man,

Billy Talent III was awesome!

I'm not the biggest Billy Talent fan in the world however I loved so many classic track from (I) and II was in my ears all the time. As far as III goes I would totally agree that their sound has matured a bit. Also, "Definition of Destiny" is totally a weak point in the album but I do not agree that "Devil on my shoulder" is a weak point. It has a new-age style to it, an awesome and catchy guitar riff and the vocal melodies (especially in the verses) are a selling point for me. "Sudden Movements" however is a total SKIP for me as it suffers from the annoying factor that some of their great songs do when they reach the later parts (ex. "sympathy" (II) is an amazing song that tapers into a droning chant by the end). I don't understand why they would put such a simple and lame song on such a good album.

"Saint Veronika" and "White Sparrows" are among my favorite tracks as well as "Diamond on a Landmine" as they all have the "it factor" that I enjoy in Billy Talent songs. A good review, have you ever seen them live?

I had the pleasure just after III came out and it was one of my favorite shows. The crowd had a good vibe and a ton of energy, not too many mosh-fa**ots and they sounded great. Recommend for sure.

I'm sure IV (if it exists at some later point) will be a gem
Nah I haven't seen them live unfortunately, although I've heard that they're awesome.

Originally Posted by RVCA View Post
Personally, Billy Talent III was a huge letdown compared to I and II. You nailed it in the first couple sentences of your review: their formula grew stale and they did nothing to reinvigorate it.
I'd disagree overall. I think that it was quite a departure from their previous efforts, but I do think it is hinting at a future of uncreativity.

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