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Originally Posted by Stone Birds View Post
well it could be rephrased a bit.
1st: the law stating that energy and mass cannot be created or destroyed.
then my question is where did all the mass and energy that exists in our universe come from. everything in our universe is based off the simple law of cause and effect, so what caused what we have today. some say the big bang but how did that come to be what was before the big bang how did that tiny dense speck come to be before the explosion, what came before the thing before the speck. the problem is that cause and effect in terms of the universe and time is infinite in both directions.

something along the lines of that is basically what i meant, i could way more complex than that but i'm busy setting up a remix contest at the moment.
Actually, you base this on assumptions which may be incorrect. You assume that the mass and energy in our universe must have been created at some point. Are you really sure that assumption is correct? We don't actually know that much about these things. We have hypotheses. The conditions during the big bang f.ex could change physical laws in ways we don't yet know how. You write that cause and effect is infinite in both directions, and then I assume you mean past and future. What if the big bang is a recurring event which has happened an infinite amount of times in the past and will in the future?

Besides, if you assume that everything must have been created by a creator with an event that started the chain of cause and effect, then you run into a classic paradox. Who created the creator who created everything?
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