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Default Pink Martini-Hey Eugene

I'm not sure if anyone has posted this one so I'll post up my review of this [great] album.

Track 1: Everywhere,
We are greeted with a lovely little melody sounding, somewhat, like a song right out of a classic movie from the silver screen. The melody is sweeping and, for a romantic like me, enchanting. The lyrics paint a picture of a lazy summer afternoon or morning in a quiet city. Cheesey by most peoples standards but still it touches a nerve within the hearts of dreamers and lovers. In general this song is quiet, it focuses mainly on the singers' voice, using the instruments more for flavor and color than anything else. This track is very charming and if you love musicals or the great singers such as Sinatra, Judy Garland, ect. you will more than likely enjoy this song.
Track 2: Tempo Perdido,
This is the Pink Martini we've heard in past recordings at thier finest. This track is driven by a speedy samba beat and, again, the beautiful voice of China Forbes. In Spanish so I don't understand any of the lyrics but that's the great thing about this band, you don't need to. There are several trumpet solos, also the main theme is played by the trumpets. A very ethnic feeling springs from this song, as with many of thiers.
Track 3: Mar Desconocido,
MMMMM Salsa, you know from the begining this song will be fun for a dance or two! Yet again, Spanish, no clue. More use is made of the piano in this song (which is great) than we've seen so far. Nothing too special about this one, nothing really sticks out. Basically a standard structure song, verse, chours, verse chours, music, verse, chours, chours.
Track 4: Taya Tan,
Starts off with a cool little guitar riff and then that voice enters. I can't understand this one because it's in Japanese. The feeling of this song is sultry and seductive. Nothing too remarkable about this one, pretty and elegant but then again; how many of thiers aren't?
Track 5: City of Night,
Ahhh English again! Starts off with a cool spanish sounding guitar and then slowly the beat falls into place, it's a mambo. Sexy, that's how I would choose to describe this track, very sexy. A portrait of a blurry night on the town, shameless and adventursome. Again, Mrs. Forbes graces us with her incredibly musical voice, using it as an instrument for at short musical break. This song beckons you to leave all your inhibitions and worries of the day behind and "dream a new dream tonight." Sounds good to me!
Track 6: Ojala,
Another Salsa, this time in French. My French is rusty but I can tell it's about a rendevous that will soon happen. A very happy and upbeat song, the first using this mood on the album. Also the first to use the male voice (I'm guessing Timothy Nishimoto). Another great dance song, very reminiscent of thier last album "Hang on Little Tomato."
Track 7: Bukra Wba'do (Tomorrow and the Day After),
Wow, this is different. It's in Arabic. I find myself at a loss when trying to explain this one. It's like something you'd hear in one of those goofy musicals like Mulon Rouge or something. It's funny and jumpy, very theatrical. It's worth a listen even if just so you can understand what I'm trying to say....but I wouldn't judge the band on this song.
Track 8: Cante e Dance,
This is a very pretty and relaxing song, almost like a balad but not quite. A lazy samba walks through this song, this is a really good song and a gem for the album.
Track 9: Hey Eugene,
This is a different direction for the band, and it certainly sticks out from the other tracks. It's much more mainstream and American sounding. Think of a mix between the supremes, funk, and the punk princesses of today. This song takes me back to city of the night as far as subject matter goes, it's about a one night stand I'd venture. I really enjoy this one. Certainly a change and a breath of fresh air, not that I need one.
Track 10: Syracuse
Bongos! This is a chilling little number at the beginning, with an almost choiristic sound from the background vocals. In French. This is not an album for those of you who enjoy only English lyrics. It seems hollow to me, I mean that in a good way. Again sounding very Hollywood-like, just in French. I love it.
Track 11: Dosvedanya Mio Bombino
AHHHH MOTHERLAND!! Goodbye my bumblebee. China picks up with a very saucy attitude and boy do I like it. This is a fun song, fun to listen to and fun to play (or so it sounds). I can imagine a woman marching across a stage and blasting this song out, reminds me of something a big screen harlot like Betty Grable or Audrey Hepburn would've loved to sing. Firey and Saucy. Until the end.
Track 12: Tea for Two,
This is my favorite song on the album, romantic, warm, and delicate. It's very Jazzy, that's because Jimmy Scott helps with the vocals on this one. It's by far one of my favorite moments with the band, ever. I have nothing to say about this song, it's just great.

Overall, this is a SOLID album. A lot of work went into this. There are a few songs which have been forgotten over time, "Tea for Two," "Taya Tan," and "Tempo Perdido." I'm always blown away when this band puts out a new album, they are few and far between but well worth the wait. I have to say this isn't my favorite of thiers, but it does have some AMAZING songs on it. I give it an 8/10. (+5 for getting Jimmy Scott)
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