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Default Ballyhoo! - Cheers

Track Listing
1. The Friend Zone
2. Somewhere Tropical
3. Everything
4. Phantoms
5. The Fool
6. Paper Dolls
7. Cheers!
8. The Struggle
9. Waiting
10. Freestyle
11. Body Parts
12. Pathetic
13. Saw Her Standing
14. Just A Head
15. Close To Me
16. Fear of Rejection
17. Thanks for the Good Times
18. Drag

Howi - Guitar/Vocals - An amazing up and coming vocalist, Howi has a great voice that many people will love. A few similarities to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, Howi has the ability to rock your face off with a crazy jam or serenade you with a slow, acoustic jam.
Big D - Drums - Described as looking like the Undertaker from the WWE, Big D sits in the back and provides the great drum sound for the band. He may look like he should be headbanging to Metallica, but his drum style for this reggae sounding band is perfect.
Mista J - Bass - Great bassist with the ability to get the crowd laughing while everyone does shots together, Mista J will not only provide great bass for a great show, he'll get you rockin out of your shoes.
Blaze - Turntables - A great DJ, you'd never guess Blaze is a huge Slayer fan from the way he can rip it up on the tables. His great scratching ability, combined with his backing vocals, make him a great addition to the band.

I first heard Ballyhoo! about this time last year. I've been a long time fan of the reggae-rock scene. 311 has been my favorite band since about 1999, and it was because of them that these guys first got my attention. Having loved the feel good, summertime reggae sound for some years now, it was no surprise that I quickly fell in love with the music that these guys have created.

Cheers! is an amazing album that others who enjoy this style of music will quickly come to love. The band originates from Aberdeen, Maryland, and at times has been described as the "Sublime of the East Coast". Their blend of music styles, mashing together sounds that remind one of a mixture of 311, Sublime, Incubus, and at times old Green Day, is one that keeps their fans craving for more. Although this is was not their debut, it has become their most popular album thus far.

The blended style of music you encounter on this album is incredible. From dub style rock, to pop punk sounds, to acoustic ear pleasure, they put forth everything they've got in this amazing album.

Recommended Listening for Interested Parties:
3. Everything Ever been a little pissed off about being mistreated by a significant other, only to find you just can't get them out of your head? If so, this song is for you. The pop-punk style of music is catchy and something many people will enjoy, regardless of your like or dislike of radio friendly punk music. Some heavier guitars and some scratching in the chorus, along with some instrumental break downs make this song something most people can learn to enjoy, for the music OR the lyrics.
5. The Fool Another song about an unhappy relationship status, this song gives a bit more of the dubbed out reggae style. Ever had that person you knew was creeping around on you, thinking they had you fooled? That's what this baby is all about. The beat will keep your head bobbing and the lyrics will get you singing in no time, proving just how catchy these guys can be, even when the song isn't about something that might make you happy.
6. Paper Dolls A nice guitar heavy intro leads into what might possibly be their biggest hit. Paper Dolls has become a crowd pleaser not only because of the instruments, but the vocals as well. The title alone should foreshadow what this song is about. Sometimes we do feel like we're burning down, just like paper dolls. A great tune with a sound and a message most everyone can relate to at sometime in their life.
7. Cheers! Perhaps the signifying dedication song on this album, Cheers! is a dedication to the fans of the group. Letting everyone know how much they appreciate the support that people have given them, no matter how low things may have seemed. They give a world wide "cheers" to everyone that's stood by their side. A big thank you to everyone that has, does, and will let these guys indeed rock your face off and then sleep on your couch before heading off for the next show.
9. Waiting This song has what is perhaps my favorite instrumental intro on the entire album. Howi absolutely rocks the guitar to get things started, but unexpectedly the song slows down and leads into a nice beat to display what is perhaps the most dedicated heart broken song you'll hear in a while. Waiting describes the tale of constantly thinking about that one that got away, and wondering, waiting, if perhaps he or she is thinking about you.

With their fan friendly presence and their incredible stage performance, Ballyhoo! has quickly risen to become one of, if not my favorite band. I knew they were going to be great to see when I asked if they could ever play a show in Northwest Ohio so I could check them out live, and they willingly took contact information from me to try and book a show. To my surprise, they booked a show in my home town of Findlay, at one of my favorite bars, and have performed there numerous times now. Because of their feel good style of music, they're fan base has grown rapidly and their music has spread, especially after the release of Cheers! The band was signed at the beginning of the year, and have a new record deal in the works.

Live videos taken by me
Paper Dolls
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Paper Dolls
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Phantoms
Close to Me
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Close To Me
Warning (Incubus cover - Not on the album)
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Warning (Cover)
Saw Red (Sublime cover - Not on the album)
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Saw Red (Cover)
Farley (On their Do it for the Money album, one of my favorite songs)
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Farley
I Lately Notice (Also on Do it for the Money, this is one of their most popular)
YouTube - Ballyhoo! - Farley

Last words...
If you enjoy the dub style reggae rock, and you like great live performances and some stellar ass musicians that love to rock and party with their fans, you'll love these guys. Great musicians with a great album and an up and coming following, give them a minute and check them out. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Although they are not as heavy I think the band Dreadzone has got this sound down better. Also check out bands like Dub Incorporation.

“A cynic by experience, a romantic by inclination and now a hero by necessity.”
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Originally Posted by jackhammer View Post
Although they are not as heavy I think the band Dreadzone has got this sound down better. Also check out bands like Dub Incorporation.
I'll definitely have to check these guys out. Thanks for the names!
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