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Default PJ Harvey - Dry (1992)

Okay, a side note. Some of you may know I'm just recently deciding to explore and branch out with music, and I've always been afraid to listen closely and say "Oh, I really liked that bass" because I might be wrong. But **** that, how will I learn if I don't at least try? So if I'm wrong just correct me and I'll slowly get better. I don't think anyone should be insulted for trying to slowly learn to not be ignorant, but I've seen it before; so there you go.

Pj Harvey - Dry (1992)

A little from Wikipeida: Dry is an album by PJ Harvey. It was recorded at the Icehouse, Yeovil, UK, and released in the UK on Too Pure, and subsequently on Indigo Records in the US. In a 1993 critics’ poll of the 100 Greatest Albums of All Time, NME ranked Dry at number 71, and in a similar poll conducted by Melody Maker in 2000, it placed at number 86. It was on Kurt Cobain's 50 greatest albums list. The album generated an overwhelmingly strong critical response. According to Variety, the album was “not so much stripped-down rock as it is flayed-alive rock”. MTV described it as “a dark, twisted, arresting work which sounds both rubbed red raw and invigorating”, while the NME praised it as “a crossover point possessing natural songwriting and scorching guitar noise” in its 9/10 review.

I love the feeling Oh My Lover (3:58) gave me. The bass, the drums, the subtlety of the guitar and ALL of that emotion packed into PJ's voice blend together like it's only one instrument. Another thing that really stood out for me was that I could really feel her. IMO I think there's some sarcasm at this guy, are maybe men in general? Definitely a heavy track; musically, emotionally, lyrically.
Lyrics to Oh My Lover are right here
O stella (2:37) came with a kick, and I couldn't help but move a little. Flowed like a waterfall and ran like a cheetah smoking speed. Upbeat guitar riffs and some of the catchiest singing ever (and still emotional). It isn't a masterpiece, but it sure as hell isn't bad- that's for fukkin sure.
Lyrics to O Stella are right here
Listening to Dress (3:18). The drums beating perfectly to the guitar and it makes me feel sort of like I'm spinning. A minute and a half into there's this line "You purdy thang," My man says, "But I bought you beautiful dresses." -I don't know if that's bluesy guitar or whatever (I'm new at this, okay) but it was kick-acc. Serious angst, and IMO totally aimed at men. Femenist much? I think Harvey is great at getting a point across. Psh, I don't even like dresses usually. Except my girlfriends at my moms wedding....
Lyrics to Dress are right here
I think Harvey could have added something to Victory (3:16), I don't know what, but there's definitely "something" missing. It's not a great track when put up against the last three, but that's perfectly fine. It still has a pretty groovy bass, some pretty good guitar, and a good amount of energy. Also, the last minute of it is better then the rest IMO.
Lyrics to Victory are right here
I felt Happy and Bleeding (5:03) was dry and bitter, which is very subtly out of my shallow comfort zone. When I hear the word "slow" I think of boring, so I'm not going to use that word and am going to say that the this song simply isn't fast. Though, in the rugged feeling of the drums and guitar and PJ's bitterly singing and beautiful voice, there still is a good sense of energy. Definitely not a failure, and overall is pretty close to great.
Lyrics to Happy And Bleeding are right here
And then Sheela-Na-Gig (3:12) came on. Not long after it started energy exploded out of this song like there was a stick of dynamite in it. Lively drums, fukkin killer riffs, and lyrics that just scream out angst at you. "Sheela-Na-Gig, Sheela-Na-Gig, you exhibitionist!" PJ Harvey is doing an incredible job here. Without question on of the best on the album.
Lyrics to Sheela-Na-Gig are right here
I think Hair (3:46) is going to be my favorite track on the album. There's so much going on it, the concept is simple but the emotion is all over the place. Resentment, desire, jealousy, anger- it's so so angsty and lustful. On top of it, both musically and lyrically speaking this track just grabs you and pulls you into exactly where PJ must have been. What an amazing ability she has to do that!
Lyrics to Hair are right here
Whoa, Joe (2:36) has some freaking awesome riffs/distortion from the very first second to the last. PJ knows her way around the guitar. This track makes Dress seem like a song you would slow dance to. I mean fukk yeah! I don't know how anyone could listen to this without dancing like a idiot. So far I'm really loving the tail end of Dry.
Lyrics to Joe are right here
Musically Plants and Rags (4:09) is incredible, just stunning. There's definitely some more classical-type instruments in this, and they mesh perfectly with the guitar, drums, etc and the album at a whole as well. Lyrically heart-wrenching. If you check one song on this album, check out this one. These last few songs have all just blown me away and I'm really looking forward to what comes next.
Lyrics to Plants and Rags are right here
Fountain (3:53) started. I felt the throbbing bass against my headphones, I felt I needed to prepare for something but I was cut off by these beautifully sung lyrics just leaking with emotion... and then boom! Guitar riffs and energetic drums play the chorus without even touching the atmosphere and then subside. The whole song is like this and the lyrics leave nothing to be desired. An experience worth having.
Lyrics to Fountain are right here
I love how Water (4:34) shows both aspects of Dry. In the beginning it's modest, but with a good drum beat, I was expecting it to be a calm ending. The chorus took that expectation and thrashed it against a wall. The singing is phenomenally descriptive and drenched in emotion as usual, and of course the music aspect is there and thriving. I'm actually mad at myself for expecting anything less for the first thirty seconds.
Lyrics to Water are right here

My Album Overview: My first PJ Harvey album and one of the best albums I have ever heard, all though, I honestly haven't heard many. The bass, drums, guitar, and even some classic instruments blend extremely well and are complimenting each other through the entire work. Lyrically I feel a strong sense of feminism, which I thought was delivered in a strong way with beautiful singing and just tons of emotions. At some points, PJ Harvey and her co-artists seriously rock the fukk out and at others points PJ is singing in a way only she can to mellower parts, but there is never a loss of quality or energy. A fantastic and solid album in my opinion and I strongly suggest to absolutely anyone.

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I really love this album.
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