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Default Eminem Discography - The Real Slim Shady Reviewed

In honor of the release of Eminem's seventh studio album Recovery, this thread will attempt to catalog and review every album, EP, mixtape, and song he appears in. This includes his work with D12, and every single he's collaborated on. This will end in the grand finale review of Recovery.

Who is Eminem? His real name is Marshall Mathers, but we're rarely exposed to Marshall on record. Instead, we spend most of our time with Eminem's alter-ego, Slim Shady. Shady is villainous, often somewhat at odds with Marshall and Eminem. The latter of the two just likes to say "the most f*cked up sh*t" he can say, just to screw with you. Shady, on the other hand... well... let's just say you don't wanna f*ck with Shady - cause Shady will f*ckin kill you.


Solo Studio Albums and EPs
  • Infinite (1996)
  • The Slim Shady EP (1997)
  • The Slim Shady LP (1999)
  • The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)
  • The Eminem Show (2002)
  • Straight from the Lab (2003)
  • Encore (2004)
  • Relapse (2009)
  • Recovery (July 22, 2010)

With D12
  • Devil's Night (2001)
  • D12 World (2004)

  • Eminem Presents: The Re-Up (Shady Records compilation)
  • Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture 8 Mile (2002)
  • Curtain Call: The Hits
  • Relapse: Refill (2009)

Singles Collaborations
  • "Dead Wrong"
  • (with The Notorious B.I.G. & Puff Daddy)
  • "Forgot About Dre"
  • (with Dr. Dre)
  • "Rock City"
  • (with Royce Da 5'9")
  • "One Day at a Time
  • (Em's Version)"
  • (with 2Pac & Outlawz)
  • "Welcome 2 Detroit"
  • (with Trick-Trick)
  • "Smack That"
  • (with Akon)
  • "Drop the World"
  • (with Lil Wayne)
  • "Forever"
  • (with Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne)
  • "Airplanes (Part II)"
  • (with B.o.B and Hayley Williams)

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I have always had mixed feelings about him. When he was big I couldn't stand him but I have grown to like some of his songs and kind of like how original he appeared to be. I feel like he kind of began recycling himself from the singles I heard off of Encore. I haven't gotten myself to listen to a full album of his though. I hear all sorts of praise for The Marshal Mathers LP.
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I'm excited for this. [:
Originally Posted by Sansa Stark View Post
I'm down with Jesus, in that case.

MB Journal.
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Infinite (1996)

The Bottom Line:

A mediocre album that features a young Eminem who hasn't yet discovered himself. Interesting historical value for die-hard fans, but newcomers should avoid.

The 1 to 10 Scale: 4.5/10

Full Review:

Eminem, at the time of recording going by the name "M&M", released this album in 1996 with the help of local Detroit producers The Bass Brothers. It was released on the brothers underground label Web Entertainment. This was an underground record that didn't make much of an impact upon it's release. It remains relatively unknown outside of Eminem fan circles.

From the outset, I think it's important to let you in on what Eminem himself thinks of the record.

Originally Posted by Eminem
Obviously, I was young and influenced by other artists, and I got a lot of feedback saying that I sounded like Nas and AZ. Infinite was me trying to figure out how I wanted my rap style to be, how I wanted to sound on the mic and present myself. It was a growing stage. I felt like Infinite was like a demo that just got pressed up.
That said, it's pretty clear from the outset that Eminem had yet to find his signature style. This album was recorded when he was fresh off the battle circuit, and he sounds like a battle rapper. There is little emotion felt on these tracks, and most of the time his voice is flat. That's not to say he was a whack emcee, he spit skillfully and was perfectly passable. But there's none of that signature aggression, wit, charm or fire that makes Eminem one of the best. The lyrics themselves are ordinary. There really isn't much to comment on about them. They touch on girl troubles (Tonite, Maxine, Jealousy Woes II, It's OK), Eminem's upbringing in poverty (although with a lighter tone then what would appear on his later albums) and of course MC bragging (313, Never 2 Far).

The beats themselves are boring and aren't well produced. They aren't so much raw as they are at times grating. The production on the vocals is pretty bad, but at the very best they have a certain lo-fi charm to them.

As this was before the character was invented, Slim Shady is absent from this album. The only time we get close to a Shady-like persona is in Backstabber, where the shadows of his later style seem to develop.

In the end, it was an honest attempt by an emcee who wasn't ready.

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I really love EMINEM! The thing I like about him is the way he puts emphasis on his lyrics. EMINEM rules!
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Disagree with your take on Infinite. Also missing quite a bit from your discography...will post more on both when I get the time.
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Originally Posted by IamAlejo View Post
Disagree with your take on Infinite. Also missing quite a bit from your discography...will post more on both when I get the time.
Please do. I want to hear someone else's take on it.

Also, if you have more info on his discog that'd be great. Be advised I left out some of the compilation albums that didn't have any new material. As for bootlegs or underground releases or anything of that sort, I'm not sure.
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Just trying to buy me some time, then I remembered this magic trick.
Dun dun dun dun dun, Go Go Gadget Dick!

I cant wait until this is finished.

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You should include the "Doubles" album, pretty terrific tracks on there. Looking forward to seeing this review thread growing man
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Marshall Mathers, I like it.
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