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Default Cool to be You - Descendents

Cool to be you is a very pop-punk album. Being a fan of pop punk, I personally love this album.

The opening track, Talking, hit me like a ton of bricks. It's just a really great song. It was the best song on the album to start with, as it hooked me instantly.

Nothing with you is the sweetest of love songs. None of the stereotypical "I'll take a grenade for you" or "you take my breath away". It's a song about a busy working man, who just wants to sit there and do nothing with his lover. The simplicity of it is what makes it. It's not even close to your regular, over played cheesy love song.

She don't care is a song I'm some what conflicted on. I love the song it's self, but it kind of disrupted the feel the album had from the first two songs. It's just a very sad song about a persons love evaporating away.

'Merican is the only political song on the album, but it's not really preachy like the others.It's talking about america from the perspective of an american, an american who is very informed about what happens, and what happened to create the country. "I'm just another stupid american, you don't want to listen you don't want to under stand, so finish up your drink and go home." A man who is proud and ashamed of is country.

Dog and pony show, to be honest, is a song I can't really decipher or get. It's a sweet sounding song though and I like it.

Blast off is the next song, and it's a comedic song. "Stay away from the chili verde unless you want to get blown away". It's a song about eating spicy things and it biting back when you get the runs. It makes me laugh, and it still fits the mood of the album well.

Dreams is exactly what the title makes it sound like. "Time to get up off your ass, pull your head out, take a chance. Grab what ever you can grab, because there's no such thing.." A song about a day dreamer. It's a really great song.

Cool to be you is by far the angriest song on the album. A song dedicated to those who have near perfect lives coming from a guy who had a pretty ****ty one. One who never fits in anywhere. Really great song though.

Maddie is another love song, a song about a guy who'd do anything for his girl. Kind of cheesy, to be honest. But who doesn't love that cheesy love song? And the music with it is really great. So it's a good song by me.

Mass Nerder is a song about a kid getting bullied who's gonna kick the bullies' asses with his good grades! As a guy who got bullied a lot, I can relate to this song and it makes me feel good. One of my favorites on the album.

One more day is a very sad song with a very pleasant sound. It's about a couple who separated, and then after that the wife died. And the husband doesn't know why she left him, and is still sad about her death. While it's somewhat of a depressing song to me, I still enjoy it, and it didn't feel shoved into the album.

Tack is a song about a guy who wants to make a change, it's time for a new him and he's turning his back to that brick wall. It's another happier song on the album and it makes me happy.

Anchor grill is yet another love song, but I don't think you would expect much else from the Descendents, as they were some of the first to put love songs and punk together. It's saying, hey lets drop off the kids with the grandparents and restore everything we had. It's a very sweet song, a very pick me up song, and one of the best loves songs out there.

Dry spell, like dog and pony show, is another one I don't really get. But it is ****ing beautiful. Everything about the song is perfect. And it was the best ending to it too.

All of the songs on the album are amazing. The structure was amazing too, except for the transition from Nothing with you to She don't care. Except for that one tiny blemish, it's perfect. 10/10. I love it, and it's probably my favorite album of all time.
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