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Default Colette Carr - Skitszo

Ohhh, I have loved, loved, love, will love, and am going to love this girl for a long time. She totally deserves more attention for being absolutely FRESH. I don't know where her inspiration comes from and I know she's probably copying 1,000,000 other people, but I absolutely like her. There are definitely some Ellie Goulding, Rhianna, and even Gaga moments on this album. But check it out for yourself: I think it is pop glory, and might be my favorite album of the summer. Or year. With a lot of RedOne production becoming a bit stale sounding, his songs on this album seem to signal that he is moving in a welcome new direction.

1. Who Do You Think You Are
2. F16
3. I Don't Wanna Go
4. Told You So ft. Porcelain Black
5. One By One
6. Mes Amis (We Can Party)
8. Killswitch
9. The Finest Things
10. Hearsay
11. Why Are You Leaving?
12. I Love Kev Nish
13. (We Do It) Primo
14. Racking Up
15. Can't Touch This
16. Nilly
17. No I.D
18. Like I Got a Gun
19. Delusional
20. Back It Up

The album opens up on a very upbeat and positive note, and I love her feel-good vibe. However, it’s clear by the second track that Colette is going through some tough ****. “F16” is a power track with a chorus that really resonates. I have loved this song for a while, and it fits nicely among the rest of the songs on the album.

“Don’t Wanna Go” is effing catchy and I love the pseudo-harpsichord melodies. Very haunted mansion party. I’m basically addicted. “But I thought the old lady dropped it in the ocean in the end?” ☺

“Never Gonna Happen” is a bit distracting after the powerful opening four tracks. It’s a little bit Taylor Swift or even Spice Girls. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love happy-go-lucky pop melodies, but after the increasingly heavy electro-danciness of the album so far, this is a skippable track no doubt. Her rapping (?) is cute, but not powerful, in this piece.

“Told You So” is yet darker, and the giggly interludes from Porcelain Black and Colette add to the “who cares what we do” theme. Not sure if this song is about lesbian sex or killing someone or what, but they are up to no good…

Moving along, “One by One” takes a bit of a country/R&B turn. The overall tone of the song reminds me of, believe it or not, Nelly. There’s a xylophone thrown in there, though, which gives it a very eclectic feel. If Skitzso’s theme is about feeling/acting a bit crazy or having a split personality, this song is the first track that reflects that.

Hahaha, I have to laugh because it’s so obvious that the work on this album was spaced out over months or even years. Some of the songs are just so different from the others. But “Mes Amis (We Can Party)” blends well if you consider it in the same category as “Don’t Wanna Go.” I really find her lyrics so quirky and out there. In that way, she is seeming more and more similar to Dev in her attitude and style. Maybe a younger, blonder, freer Dev. She definitely takes herself more seriously than Ke$ha, and I like that. Something about “Mes Amis” is haunting though, sure, we can party…but when you sing it like that, Collette, you make it sound like you also have a gun and plan on killing someone. Hahaha.

“Killswitch” incorporates a bit of the token dub-steppiness that every pop album seems to slip in nowadays. I like it, and it would fit well with “F16” in a sort of WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? playlist. Noted for future use. I like how it gets a bit repetitive because it inserts a bit of emotion into an otherwise over-produced vocal.

I don’t have much to say about the middle of the album, which includes “Hearsay,” “The Finest Things,” and “Why Are You Leaving?” because the energy level declines so rapidly. Nevertheless, “Why Are You Leaving?” is a passionate account of a co-dependent crazy girl as she plays poor and helpless, a very effective method for getting an ex back. The main problem with the track is that the lyrics are…kinda silly. Who would ever say “I guess I will not know”?

Hahah "I love Kev Nish." “You never listen anymore to a word I say! NO? THEN WHAT DID I SAY?” Colette is tooooo cute. I don’t love this song, but I like her speaking parts. It’s totally funny because I have the same conversations with my b/f all the time. And it always ends with “I love you!” She is mad relevant.

“We Do It (Primo)” is an uplifting love/escapist song that I like. However, “Racking Up” and “Can’t Touch This” are a bit rapping heavy and I’m not too much into that aspect of this album. Also, who are these male rappers, anyway? They are not famous. One of them sounds like the guy fro Epic Rap Battles of History. Anyway….

I don’t like “Nilly.” Too much weird. “Like I Got a Gun” has weird, but it goes down smoother. I dig it, but it’s a bit too slow to become a PARTY FAVORITE.

“Delusional” might belong at the beginning of the album, but it makes a good penultimate track also. It’s slightly more poppy and in-your-face after all that low-key rapping weirdness in the middle. It’s fun. It’s straight out of Malibu!

The final track, “Back It Up,” was produced by the Cataracs, and for that reason feels a bit more urgent than some of the other songs on the album. With a tempo increase toward the middle, the haunting feel of the album is emphasized a final time.

I love how Colette has found the perfect blend of upbeat and eerie. The sounds and instruments (sortof) that were played with on this album are just very intriguing and pleasing to my ears. This album gets a solid 8/10 from me. Bravo. Except for a few songs that didn’t really hit the right spot, it is an overall pleasurable listening experience that I would recommend to friends.

Here are a few tracks if you're curious:

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