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Default The Official Welcome Thread for New Members

Note before we begin: why is this not an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)? Well, for two reasons: one, I find, as I'm sure many of you do, that usually an FAQ is more of a QTWYTA, which is to say, Questions They Want You To Ask, such as “Where can I buy this amazing piece of software!” and “Do you take VISA?” rather than, often the more usual, “How do I get this piece of **** off of my computer?” So I don't trust FAQs: they rarely answer the real questions you want to ask. Secondly, this is more than just questions and answers. This is, insofar as I can make it, or at least I intend it to be, a beginner's guide to the forum, a walkthrough if you will, guiding you through the pitfalls and showing you the good stuff you can do, and the bad stuff you should not do. So then, on we go!

Welcome newbies, noobs, new members, greenhorns, rookies and people who have not been here before! Come in and take a seat, grab a drink and settle back. This is the thread where all your questions can and hopefully will be answered, where we'll tell you about the place. If you've followed correct procedure you'll have made an introduction thread to tell us who you are, now we'll return the compliment by explaining who were are, and what we're about. Questions can be asked at any time and no matter how obvious they may seem I can promise you you won't be (snigger) laughed at. Seriously.

Note to current, older members: None of you need take part in this if you don't want to. Like the Journals Update thread, I'm happy to run this alone. However any input from any of you would be great. Just maybe to drop in and say who you are, where you can generally be found, if you're a mod or not, answer any questions or just mingle. The more we get involved the better it will be but as I say I'm happy enough to sail this ship alone if need be. Anybody who thinks this is funny, unnecessary or over the top need only look back at the last week or so in two separate threads. You know what I mean. Anyway, it's here now and I think it will be a good thing.

Sorry about that noobs. Oh, and please don't take that as an insult or slight: here at Music Banter we don't consider or use it as a derogatory term, it's just a word. If you have a particular problem with it (maybe having come from, or being in a gaming community) let me know and I'll make sure I don't use it to describe you. But the word will remain as I think it has no offensive value personally.

So, who are we and what do we do? Well, rather surprisingly, considering the name of the forum, we like to banter about music! Is that all we do? Hell no! We're always going off-topic and into weird and wonderful tangents, the lifeblood of many forums. We do however try to keep music discussion separate from others, and so we have our forum, like many others I'm sure you've been on, divided into sections. Let's go through them now, so we know what goes where.

General Music - Music Banter
As the title suggests, this is for general music threads. That might seem a little misleading though, because there are also specific subforums for rock, pop, reggae etc. Basically, if you want to discuss albums (but not a particular album), artistes (but again no specific one), topics related to music (“what's your favourite lyric”/ “What gig have you been to” etc) this is where your posts go. You can of course wander around and see for yourself, and by the threads made you'll get a good idea of what's allowed or accepted. Generally speaking, ONLY music threads go here. There is a whole subforum for offtopic, which I'll get to.

There are two subforums of the General Music forum and they are
Soundtracks & Compilations - Music Banter
which I think is fairly self-explanatory and
Name that Tune - Music Banter
where you can ask for help remembering or identifying that song you just can't track down. PLEASE do NOT post “name-that-tune”-type posts in the General Music forum; they will only be moved anyway so you may as well use the subforum that was created for them.Also please make sure you read Urban's introduction to the subforum: as much information as possible please on the song you want, and have patience, as this is not a service, just something people may decide to help you out with. Nobody does this fulltime.

Punk - Music Banter
For discussions relating to Punk Rock (including, I believe, post-punk, pop punk, power punk, but I'm not that familiar with the genre as it's not one of my favourites) and also including Hardcore & Emo - Music Banter, in which you'll find the rather excellent run by Briks, who is a great guy and whom you'll meet if you join his club. Someone else (maybe Briks) may hopefully pop in to explain more about this whole subforum as it's outside my sphere of interest and influence.

Rock & Metal - Music Banter
A lot happens here. Hard rock, heavy metal of all types --- death, doom, speed, thrash, black, symphonic, technical, nu, power .. it's all here. Basically, if you don't like it loud then don't open this door! Subforums for
Rock N Roll, Classic Rock & 60s Rock - Music Banter
Prog & Psychedelic Rock - Music Banter
in which you'll find my own little club,, which anyone can join as long as they have an interest in progressive rock and/or metal, and is willing to dedicate a bit of their time.

A new club has just started up, Pet Sounds'

I should mention before we go on, each of these subforums have a “Recommendation” thread, in which you can post for recommendations (or “recs”, as we call them around here) for that sort of specific music (Punk recs in punk, prog in prog etc) and also an “Education” thread, which will tell you everything you need to know about that genre or subgenre, basically an introduction to it, detailing the major movers and events in that genre or subgenre.

Again, please do not post anything in the main forums or subforums looking for recs other than above. It helps keep things tidy and again, wandering posts will be shooed off to the relevant subfourm anyway by our vigilant mods, who will get a just a little more miffed the more times they have to do this, moreso if it's the same person doing it all the time. Friendly warning!

Anyhoo, on we go. We also have
Rap & Hip-Hop - Music Banter
Where DJChameleon, Anticipation and Christian Benteke may consent to be your guides: they're, as they say, the bomb when it comes to this sort of music. Though of course there may be others just as clued-in: again, it's not my scene.

Pop - Music Banter

Reggae & Ska - Music Banter

Indie & Alternative - Music Banter
I'm told RoxyRollah is your girl here!

Jazz & Blues - Music Banter
Exoskeletal, Janszoon and many others can help guide you in the right direction here, or talk to you knowledgeably if you're already an aficionado.

Classical - Music Banter
Burning Down is your lady here! I doubt anyone knows more about classical music. She plays too, and she's a mod, passionate about Classical Music so will be happy to assist if you need assistance. One of our newer members, Silenzio, has proven herself a true expert on Classical too, so she may be willing to help you out.

Electronica - Music Banter
Rave on! Or not. Ambient, uptempo, dance, EDM, whatever-the-hell-it-is, if it has a dance beat or uses dancy synths --- I have no idea what I'm talking about --- it will be here. Vanilla and Fetcher are two beautiful ladies who may lead you through the confusing range of styles and influences here. If you ask nicely... A brand new club has begun here and already rockin' – well, boppin' I guess. Whatever. is run by Wpnfire, so if you;re into checking out and reviewing this sort of music, sign up here! Also check out while you're there.

Country, Folk & World Music - Music Banter
Loathsome Pete and Lisnaholic are the two men here! Lisnaholic even runs another club, here.
Update: Lisna tells me that sadly this club has not received the sort of support it needs, and so he is shutting it down. If you would like to revive it talk to him.

Avant Garde/Experimental - Music Banter
If it's weird, off-the-beaten-path music you want you'll find it here. Everything from ten dwarves banging cardboard boxes (not really.. Really???) to people using photocopiers to make music (I'm serious!) and Janszoon, bob and Frownland are experts at this sort of thing, so talk to them if you're interested.

Soul & Funk - Music Banter
Can't forget our brothers and sisters in soul, can we? It's all here, from 60s r&B to today's finest soul artistes.

Also in Music we have these:
Album Reviews - Music Banter
where you can post your album reviews (guidelines are provided but there's no real set format per se)

New Releases Ratings Forum - Music Banter
where you can review, or read about, the latest albums. There IS a set format here, so read Urban's intro before you post.

Editors Pick - Music Banter
where only the best threads go. You can't make a thread here; they're moved by the mods at their discretion if they're deemed worthy, or require approval of posts.

Members Journal - Music Banter
My own unofficial domain, where you can create your own journal and write about what you want to. All posts in every journal are moderated so you have to have approval before they go up, but it's very quick these days and other than that the floor is yours really. Express your creative writing, talent for graphic design or anything else you want.

Okay, so they are our music-only subforums. But if you're an artiste, aspiring or established, working or working on, or if you just want some tips on how to play that new guitar or how to set up your new studio, check “Artists Corner”, where we have three subforums:

Talk Instruments - Music Banter
where you can, you know, talk about instruments with other like-minded and knowledgeable folk

Stereo & Production Equipment - Music Banter
where you can talk about all the latest gear, boast about what you have or moan about what you haven't, or tell us what you're intending to buy.

Song Writing, Lyrics and Poetry - Music Banter
Express your creative side here.

Next up is Community Centre. You'll probably already have seen this
Introductions - Music Banter
but if not that's where you basically introduce yourself. If you're here now though that's a bit superfluous and you can forget about it. It is however somewhere that, should you become a regular member, you might want to go to welcome newbies in the future.

Announcements, Suggestions, & Feedback - Music Banter
Where you can offer suggestions, give your feedback and read any notices which may be posted from time to time. Including this one.

Sport & Recreation - Music Banter
Everything from baseball to soccer, golf to Formula One. It's all here and you can argue over which sport is better, which team sucks or just discuss the latest scores in your favourite sport.

The Lounge - Music Banter
Outside of the Music Sections, this is where everyone who's anyone hangs out. All off-topic threads go here. It's a fun place, somewhere to relax kick back and have a laugh, or discuss issues that are not so tied in to music, or even at all. Everything from”What's your favourite sandwich” to “Who has the best haircut?” and you can also post pictures of yourself in the gallery if you wish. The Lounge has two subforums, the first being
Current Events, Philosophy, & Religion - Music Banter
This is where more serious discussion happens. World events, politics, life and death, religion, all that sort of thing.

The other one is
Games, Lists, Jokes and Polls - Music Banter
which is obviously more lighthearted and fun.

That just really leaves
Media - Music Banter
where you can discuss TV, movies, DVD and all related subjects.

There is also “The Archive”, but everything here is closed so you can't comment. But you can read if you wish.

So they are the various sections of the site, and it's important to try to do your best to post in the relevant one(s). There's no point, for instance, going into the Reggae subforum and making a thread about Motorhead, or trying to start discussion in the Metal subforum about Britney Spears. If you want good responses to your threads or posts, post where they will be the most appreciated and understood. This also helps keep a general air of tolerance and friendliness at the forum, as people will get annoyed if you keep posting off-topic in their threads.

RULES : What you can and can't do

There aren't that many important rules here, but there are some that are very important. It's never a bad idea though to familiarise yourself with them, so they can be found here Music Banter - Announcements in Forum : Announcements, Suggestions, & Feedback.

But the main ones are:
1. Don't post one-word or stupid posts (not until we know you anyway) and certainly not in order to get your postcount up.

2. Don't spam. There's nothing that will get you booted quicker than spam. For the record, spamming is not limited to advertising pills for enhancing certain, ah, sexual organs. If you are coming here to promote your music, don't. If you are coming here to sell tickets, don't. If you are coming here to promote a website, don't. Basically, unless you're coming here to discuss music and get involved, you're best not joining because we want people here who are willing to participate in the community, not people who will get their post count up to fifteen (the minimum needed to post a link) drop in a URL and bugger off. If you're going to do that, if that's your intention, then bugger off before you reach fifteen. You'll be detected and kicked anyway: our mods have huge and annoyed experience with this sort of behaviour. Spamming also includes posting the same thread several times whether in one subforum or a few. Don't do this.

3. Be nice. Nobody's asking you to kiss ass, but there's no need to be angry, huffy, insulting or derogatory in any way to any member, new or old. Be nice and people will (probably) be nice to you back. Personal attacks of any kind are forbidden and will result in bans.

4. Don't post off-topic posts in the Music areas. Reserve these for the Lounge; it's what it's there for.

5. Don't undermine anybody's music taste. Be tolerant. Everyone likes good debate, but have something to say. If you hate Slipknot, or Genesis, or Black Flag, say why, not just that you hate them. And vice versa. And remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Okay, that's not a rule but it goes without saying surely?

Some myths about Music Banter debunked

A common mistake when joining is for a noob to say “I can't post a YouTube video until I have fifteen posts.” This is incorrect. You can post from your very first post. Simply refer to to this guide however do NOT post your OWN (or a friend's) music. That is considered spamming the forum.

Equally, you cannot post your own music once you reach 15 posts. This is not a forum for showcasing your work. IF you join us and IF you contribute, we get to know you and you're accepted into the community in general, then perhaps, after maybe THREE MONTHS, you may be allowed to post your music but it will be at the discretion of a mod. Some members who are here years have not posted their own music. Please don't try getting around this because you won't.

Similarly, using something like “I can't post links so check my Soundcloud page” or even worse, “type in YouTube dot com stoke Andy stroke ....” will be frowned upon and you will not make any friends. Accept the rules: they're there for a reason and any attempt to circumvent them will only annoy mods and established members, who also have to live by the same rules.
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Some members you may encounter here:
(Note: these are posted without permission, so if anyone would rather not be referred to here let me know and I'll ignore you totally. No, seriously, if it bugs you that much I'll cut ya out.)

If you've been on a forum before you'll know what a mod is, if not just think of them as watchmen, security guards or police. They are the people who tirelessly patrol the forum, watching for bad behaviour, cutting out spam (usually before we even see it) and making sure everyone behaves. If a conversation gets out of hand, too personal or too angry, they will be the ones who will either calm it down, shut down the thread or ban one or more of the posters. They're also the people you can take grievances or questions to.

Despite the somewhat scary title, Urban is just as scary as he sounds. Nah, really, he's a pussycat. But he has claws, and no qualms about using them. He does not suffer fools, hates trolls and off-topic posting, and also probably hates all the music you like. But he's fair, solid and really quite a nice guy. He also is a hoot, though it may take some time to get used to his brand of often sarcastic humour. If he seems to be insulting or getting at you, chances are he's not: you just took him up the wrong way and don't know him well enough yet. But piss him off at your peril!

A lovely lady from New Zealand who is always ready to help, and often brings a real sense of order and discipline (ooer!) to any discussion. She is busy studying though so may take time to reply to you. This is not her ignoring you, it's just that she has a life.

Another lovely lady who will almost always be the first to respond if someone pages a mod. She too is always ready to help and is a fine musician, so if you need advice she's the one to see.

Probably one of the nicest guys on the forum, Jansz responds to cries for help almost as quickly as Burning Down does, and he has a really wide range of musical tastes. Always calm in even the most heated discussion, he's a great man to have on your side and not someone you want debating against you, because you will lose. Check out his journals for examples of his amazing writing talent.

A man who knows more about Country music than you want to know, and who is a font of knowledge on most other genres too. Also knows his movies.

One of our many talented musicians here, and also a super whizz kid on IT, so if you have problems with the site of a technical nature, or even with your own PC or MAC, he's the guy who will ninety-nine-point-nin-percent of the time know how to sort it.

I don't know a huge amount about Duga, he tends to post infrequently, at least where I go. But he knows his stuff and is a very nice guy. Maybe he'll drop by and tell you about himself at some point.

Ditto for Satchmo. I hardly ever seen him around these days, but when he does you can expect he'll have something important and interesting to say.

Our newest Mod, Goofle has the most amazing breadth of music interests and knowledge that you could ask for. Name a genre, you can bet he not only has heard of it but has several albums from it. Also to be found in the sports section arguing Arsenal's title chances.


Unknown Soldier, The Batlord, Briks, Engine, Exoskeletal, RoxyRollah, Plankton, Frownland, Jackhammer, Rezzdaddy Longlegs, Ki, LadyisLingering, Paul Smeenus, Anteater, Rostasi, Freebase Dali, TheBig3, DJChameleon, Neapolitan, Christian Benteke, Fred Hale Sr., Wpnfire

(If you haven't been included that's for one of three reasons: 1) I don't know you that well, ie you only joined relatively recently 2) I forgot you in which case step on up and remind me or 3) I don't believe you're the sort of person who goes necessarily out of their way to help others, based on what I've seen here from you. Feel free to correct me and add yourself if you feel you should. This list is by no means complete).

Note: The above notwithstanding, this does not in any way imply that anyone who was not included on the list (intentionally or otherwise) is not a good member, just that the above are the ones who stand out to me as those who are most approachable, helpful and in general least judgemental.

Then there's me, Trollheart. I'm bloody always here, and I'm happy to help anyone so if you need guidance, have questions or a problem PM me and I'll do my best to help you.


Even if you've been on a forum before, or are on several now, Music Banter operates a little differently to those I've been on, or am also on. Without going all mushy about it or overstating the case, we're not just a bunch of guys and girls talking about music. Some events here (good and bad) have drawn us closer together (GROUP HUG! I SAID HUG NOT...) and cliche though it may be we're a little more like a family. Some members have met each other in real-life, others have plans to. Some never will. But we all care about each other here and though arguments and heated debate breaks out, we all know when to stop. Usually. This should not imply this is a love-in or anything of the kind, just that we're more than just names on a board. Kind of.

Anyway, if you decide to remain here and want to become a part of our community, a few tips that may help you and steer you away from any controversy, misunderstandings or outright confrontations.

As in life, the motto to live by here is “treat others as you would like them to treat you”. Unless you're a masochist, in which case... um. Anyway, basically if you're nice to people they will usually be nice back, or at least not total wankers. If you rub someone up the wrong way from day one, apart from being illegal in 42 states this will colour your relationship, not only with them but with others, particularly those who know them or are friends with them. Start off on the right foot. First impressions last, and if you make a bad one in your first few days here it's going to be a little hard to shake that reputation. Nobody's asking you to suck up or be super nice to everyone, but if you can control your temper, debate without losing it, accept criticism as long as it's constructive, and allow everyone their opinion then you should be fine. Also remember lots of people have been here a lot longer than you, so please don't assume that you know everything. We don't, so you can't possibly. Arrogance is not attractive.

If you're going to post a new thread make sure one doesn't already exist. Nothing irks a mod more (and you don't want to see an irked mod, believe me!) than having to close, delete or merge three threads that are all about the same thing. Think about it: the forum has been in existence for over ten years now, so most of the usual questions have been asked and every major band or singer has been covered. This does not of course mean you can't contribute to threads that are already there; just don't start new ones. Use the search feature. Actually, don't: it doesn't work. Use Google.

Do your best to keep your posts on-topic. The only place off topic posting is allowed, even encouraged, is in the Lounge and its subforums. Try to keep on point and don't repeat yourself. Also try to have more to say than “LOL” or “Me too”. You can use GIFs and YouTube videos but don't overuse them. Sometimes a GIF or video can say more than a hundred words, but then there are times when you need to express yourself properly too. Try not to get into the habit of letting the picture or video do your talking for you.

Don't use bad language. Well actually that's bollocks. You can use bad language if you want, although we do have a swear filter, but after you've been here a while you can be inducted into the inner circle and learn the mysteries of how to fool it. But don't make posts full of bad language. It's just not necessary.

Please, please, PLEASE for the love of God please try to spell properly! Okay, this is not an actual requirement but it bugs the hell out of me. And others. Text speak is not something we want to see here, and capitalisation, punctuation and grammar, used properly, all make your posts not only more attractive but more interesting. Nobody's going to kick you out for bad spelling but please do your best to try to do it right.

Don't annoy mods unnecessarily: they bite. They do, really, and their bite can equal anything from a 24-hour ban to a permaban. If you're permanbanned you're not getting back in. Bans are not handed out arbitrarily or with any sort of vendetta in mind, but if you flout the rules and ignore warnings the Ban Hammer will fall on you, be in no doubt of that!

Don't go into threads just to cause trouble, eg to disagree for the sake of disagreeing with the topic or to troll. This sort of behaviour will get you a one-way ticket to Banland. Of course we encourage differences of opinion and you can argue with anyone about anything, but your argument needs to be informed. No point in going into the Prog thread for instance and writing “I hate prog it sux”. If you however say “I hate prog because there are too many keyboard solos”, someone will debate that with you. Be constructive, not disruptive.

Avoid making a post of your 50 favourite videos, each with a YouTube attached. This will slow down, or in some cases actually crash some computers. So if you HAVE to show 50 videos use the spoiler tags, at the very right of your screen where it says "Show/hide". Just highlight the video link, click the icon and input something, anything, and the video will be hidden till someone clicks on the spoiler tag.

If you're frequenting the Current Affairs subforum, don't post openly controversial topics like “Do you agree women deserve to be raped?” or “Are all muslims terrorists?” --- these sort of threads are just made to bait people and cause controversy, and will ultimately serve no purpose but to set people at each others' throats. If in doubt, post a thread asking if people think this needs to be discussed, or ask a mod. Or me. Or any of the other members. Check before you cry havoc and let slip, you know, the dogs of war.

As in all forums it is considered bad manners to post all in caps, ie OMG I JUST LUV THIS NEW BAND CHECK THEM OUT!!!! You're shouting, and you don't need to. If you forgot to release the caps lock, you can easily go back and edit your post properly.

Don't promote your or your friends' music, as in the above post. Nobody cares about them, nobody will check them out. All you'll do is check yourself out for breaking our rules.

If you find you're having a problem with a member or members, and can't sort it out with them don't do it in a thread. If you can't reconcile your differences over PM then let a mod know, or even me. We're not in high school and we're not going to be chasing the bullies off the playground, but at the same time we won't allow someone to be victimised unfairly, so you have somewhere to turn if you feel that's happening to you. Whatever you do, do not respond in kind. I speak from experience; you will end up banned even if the aggressor(s) are too.

Also, you can help. Just because you're new doesn't mean you don't know something we don't, or have the answer to a question that's been asked here. Don't be afraid to stand up and contribute, that's what it's all about. Nobody is going to frown on you for taking the lead in something, as long as you know what you're talking about. And there's nothing stopping you guiding other newbies either, once you know your way around the place.

Like every forum this one uses some acronyms and codes generally understood on the net, but in case you've never been on a forum, here are the main ones:

Your Control Panel, which is located at the top left of your screen. You can use this to change things like your signature, avatar, and any other details. Also to see your Pms and other messages, and to post photos if you wish.

PM: Private Message. You can send a PM from your User CP or by clicking on the username of the person you want to communicate with, and selecting “Send a private message to...” Remember, if you're PMing a mod, they are busy so it may be a while before they get back to you.

Rec: Recommendation, whether for an album, track or band.

Avatar: The little picture under your username. You can select anything you want for your avatar, but due to recent Google crackdowns no nudity or near-nudity, or any overt sexual pics. Sorry. You can have your avatar made bigger (ooer again!) here, but please don't abuse the service.

Sig: Signature. Here you can put any text, quotes, urls or whatever you want, up to a max of I think 1000 characters. You access this again from your CP and then your signature is shown every time you post.

Usertitle: Distinct from your Username, this is the text that appears just under your name and before your avatar. It usually starts as “Groupie” but after a while you can change it to anything you want, as long as it fits. Again, User CP is where this is done.

THREAD: Any post on a subject. “The top 100 albums” is a thread. So is “Do you like Elvis” and “My favourite biscuits”.

POST: Anything written in a thread. Your posts show with your details and the time and date of posting, so everyone knows who's talking.

QUOTE: If you want to refer to something someone else posted you can use the QUOTE feature. Click QUOTE on THEIR post, select and highlight what you want, copy it and then paste it into your post. It will show as “Member X posted...” and then the quoted part. This is helpful in determining who, or what part of a post, you're replying to or referring to.

EDIT: If you make a mistake on a post, or forget something you wanted to add, hit EDIT and change it, then POST and it will make the changes for you and show in that post.

You can also use MULTIQUOTE if you wish to reply to a bunch of people or several messages at once. This is done by hitting the third button to the right of your post (looks like this) and then hitting POST REPLY. All the quoted bits will be pasted in for you and you can write your message then. Note: if multiquoting it's a good idea, almost essential, to write your reply in between the QUOTE and /QUOTE tags on each part, so that that person knows you're replying to them. If anyone's confused about this post here or PM me.

DELETE: You can't, strictly speaking, delete your messages but you can EDIT them and erase everything or the part you want taken out then POST. Any posts that have to be approved, such as in the Editor's Choice, cannot be edited by you. The Members Journals section is an exception to this rule. You cannot edit anyone else's post anywhere though; you may quote it but not edit it, for obvious reasons.

LOCKED: If you see a padlock symbol in front of a thread that means the thread has been closed and no further discussion is possible. The thread is though still readable. If you think it should be reopened you can ask a mod, and depending on why it was closed in the first place, they may oblige.

That's all I can think of at the moment. As I say, this is a work in progress so will be added to as I think of other stuff or other people suggest or remind me of things I may not have considered.

As a newbie, you have a voice here too so ask any questions you want in this thread. I will ensure they are answered with the minimum of sarcasm. Hopefully this will help to serve as a way to introduce you and acclimatise you to the rather decent forum we're running here. We hope you enjoy your stay, and become a regular, contributing member. We look forward to meeting you out there.
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It feels so good knowing this probably happened because of me.

It's actually a really nice couple of posts that really explains everything as clearly as is really possible, so good work even though you're ignoring me.

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On this one your voice is kind of weird but really intense and awesome
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Awesome thread Trollheart.

You deserve a medal for this. Seriously...nice job with this!
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Pedestrian isn't a mod any more, but nice work.

Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Chula Vista View Post
Originally Posted by Mindfulness View Post
2. What was the strangest/best/worst party you ever went to?
Prolly a party I had with some people I know
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Make it so
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Trollheart, this is absolutely incredible. I am really impressed. The other mods (if you want to mention them) is Freebase Dali, SATCHMO, Duga, and the super mod (God of MB) Yac. I stickied the thread, I'm sure no mods will disagree that this is a great guide for new members.
"Elph is truly an enfant terrible of the forum, bless and curse him" - Marie, Queen of Thots
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Originally Posted by Goofle11 View Post
Pedestrian isn't a mod any more, but nice work.
You always want to rain on someone's parade, don't you?
Originally Posted by mord View Post
Actually, I like you a lot, Nea. That's why I treat you like ****. It's the MB way.

"it counts in our hearts" ?ºº?
“I have nothing to offer anybody, except my own confusion.” Jack Kerouac.
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Make it so
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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
You always want to rain on someone's parade, don't you?
"Elph is truly an enfant terrible of the forum, bless and curse him" - Marie, Queen of Thots
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Originally Posted by Neapolitan View Post
You always want to rain on someone's parade, don't you?
Fighting, sniping and snarky behaviour is not allowed here. Not in front of the newbies! Best suits and dresses, depending on gender and/or inclination! Stand up straight at the back there, and comb that hair! Best behaviour everyone, we need to set an example...
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Also I think you could add Silenzio under Classical. That's kind of her expertise area also and she's around more often.

Roxy is always posting in the Indie section so maybe you could toss her name under the indie part. I'm sure there are others that are well versed in Indie music as well but Roxy just comes to mind.
Fame, fortune, power, titties. People say these are the most crucial things in life, but you can have a pocket full o' gold and it doesn't mean sh*t if you don't have someone to share that gold with. Seems simple. Yet it's an important lesson to learn. Even lone wolves run in packs sometimes.

Originally Posted by RoxyRollah View Post
IMO I don't know jack-**** though so don't listen to me.
Originally Posted by Franco Pepe Kalle View Post
The problem is that most police officers in America are psychopaths.
Originally Posted by The Batlord View Post
You're a terrible dictionary.
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