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tone float 06-18-2010 05:14 AM

Your Strangest Music/Band/Album/Whatever?
Howdee strange people:wave: whats the strangest band/music/album you have herd or know of?

duga 06-18-2010 11:55 AM

Gotta love pig grunts.

dankrsta 06-18-2010 12:19 PM

She looks and sounds like a witch, but is fascinating nonetheless. Extremely passionate and bizarre - Diamanda Galas

duga 06-18-2010 12:22 PM


I love her! I can't remember how I ever heard of her in the first place, but she is great.

dankrsta 06-18-2010 12:40 PM

I wrote in her thread that I first heard one of her songs a long time ago on some radio show that aired gothic music (what an unexpected development). I've had You Must Be Certain of the Devil (1988) for years, but only this year I made an effort to find her earlier albums, and they're blowing my mind. It's some of the strangest and the most fascinating avante garde music that I've heard.

duga 06-18-2010 12:52 PM

Absolutely everyone in the world needs to listen to her at least once in their lives. I am sure even if someone didn't like her in general, they would at the very least be blown away by what she can do with her voice. It is mind blowing.

The songs you posted show her incredibly avant garde type songs, but she is also capable of something like this:

GravitySlips 06-18-2010 01:41 PM

some of the strangest things I've heard...

The Red Krayola - God Bless The Red Krayola & All Who Sail With It
The Godz - Contact With The High Godz
Negativland - Escape From Noise
Butthole Surfers - any of their 80s albums/eps
The Pop Group - Y
Half Japanese - Sing No Evil

also, the majority of Jandek's music (that I've heard, which is probably about 5% of his whole discography) is very strange and uncompromising.

dankrsta 06-18-2010 02:15 PM

I haven't heard The Godz and Negativland. I'll look into it.
But Jandek, oh my... I only have two of his incredibly long list of albums, one of them being Six and Six (1981). My initial reaction was - WTF is this? At first I was fascinated, but then it became unbearable (I'm not sure if that's a bad or a good thing). The other album that I have, You Walk Alone (1988) is much more accessible.

tone float 06-18-2010 06:08 PM

i liked that diamabda galas stuff i have to look a more into her, almost like nina hagan on acid if thats possible :) some parts remminded me of can tago mago, another tripy album, the cosmic jokers are another fantastic trip, smooth quality excrement is some ****ed up music, i hope im not showin my age, psychic tv themes three is another good one, i love strange music especialy trippy stuff post up me bands and elbum for to check out, cheers people.

Ska Lagos Jew Sun Ra 06-19-2010 01:36 AM

Off the top of my head:

Torture Garden - Naked City(And there is a LOT of weird, and weirder, Zorn beyond that but Torture Garden is more significant than most of the really weird ones.)
Eskimo - Residents
I think the First Secret Chiefs album was quite weird even if the later ones are more composed
Helter Stupid - Negativland, not as good as Escape from Noise but of what I've heard, weirder
Requiem - Gyorgy Ligeti(Albeit, not technically an "album")
Almost anything by Boredoms, the earlier the weirder usually. I guess Pop Tatari is pretty weird.

I guess, of the listed, Eskimo would be the "weirdest".

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