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MicShazam 01-25-2019 09:40 AM

Wow! I can't even imagine such a level of annoying!

The Batlord 01-25-2019 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 2037656)
Not nearly as boring as rejectionism.

That said, classical music poseurs are infinitely more obnoxious than punk poseurs.

Present company excluded of course.

Frownland 01-25-2019 10:30 AM

Once he starts voting Republican he'll realize that he was a classical music poseur all along.

elphenor 01-25-2019 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by elphenor (Post 2037638)

yea you're right

Psy-Fi 01-28-2019 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by Frownland (Post 2037673)
Once he starts voting Republican he'll realize that he was a classical music poseur all along.

windsock 01-28-2019 08:56 PM

postimage > ImageBB

The Batlord 08-20-2021 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by CharlesRolandBerry (Post 2181944)

Nice try, Danny Elfman! We see through your grift!

SGR 08-21-2021 09:27 PM

I voted no on this one.

No one (in general), by choice, goes out of their way to listen to classical music any more. Tastes change. Today, classical music basically has a niche of performances at amphitheaters so that bougie people can spend lots of money to feel classy and sophisticated and pretend that they enjoy and appreciate what they're hearing. Fitting for a style of music that originally was mostly commissioned to be created and performed by rich nobleman and royalty of old.

Classical music, like most genres of music in the past that were popular, has made its imprint in the form of influence, but as for its relevance today? Nah, it ain't. If I want to hear music that is interesting and compelling, I'd sooner reach for latter-career recordings from Miles and Coltrane than Mozart and Cannabich.

jadis 08-22-2021 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by SoundgardenRocks (Post 2182089)
Mozart and Cannabich.

lol where did you even find this one?

My parents are Russian piano nerds and I played sonatinas by Mozart, Clementi and Cimarosa as a little kid, but never heard of this guy.

Sort of agree with your main point, with quite a few caveats. Voted no too.

One caveat is that when people say "classical music" today, what they typically mean is bland, pompous and precious orchestral kitsch (often written by the British of all people, the country known in the 19th century as Das Land ohne Musik) that's closer to Hollywood soundtracks than anything "classical" I listen to these days.

The Batlord 08-22-2021 06:38 AM

I'll take 20th century classical over free jazz tbh.

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