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blackTshirt 06-08-2005 02:30 AM

Cat Stevens, 1st thread about him? oh man..
ok, hope it's in the right category, if not don't blame me, blame ... the ****ty weather, ok?

so.. Cat Stevens.. i hope there aren't 152478451325 threads about him (in fact, i couldn't find any). i love the fact that when i'm depressed and listen to his music, it calms me down and... well his voice annoys me a bit sometimes (why should i lie) but.. i really really like his music. he's really talented

so what are your opinions on him?

PhishFood 06-08-2005 10:19 PM

Cat stevens is the man, i was raised on him and James Taylor.

TheBig3 06-08-2005 10:26 PM

I don't know everything, but I like what I've heard. No this forum is fine, in fact im gunna start posting folk threads in the rap forum until we get this place a folk forum.

blackTshirt 06-09-2005 01:25 AM

i like him lots and i'm starting to like him more

Miller Bear 06-09-2005 01:17 PM

i've only heard a few songs by him but he they were all good

blackTshirt 06-10-2005 01:38 AM

He's great!!! I love "If I laugh", "Wild World", "Another Saturday Night", "Ruby Love", "Father & Son", "Morning Has Broken", "Moonshadow" (the last one's pretty annoying sometimes)

i can't believe he's so "unpopular" around here.... you guys should check him out IMMEDIATELY!!

PhishFood 06-10-2005 11:35 AM

Yes Yes Yes, I go to bed to the Tea for the Tillerman album more than often.

bungalow 01-02-2006 11:48 PM

Cat Stevens
I know there is already a thread on him in general music but.....
Since the Folk Forum is so dead, and he is indeed folk, I figured I would make one here.

He is a great singer/songwriter.....and he isnt a "second rate Paul Simon" coughBig3cough.

I really like his music and Im gonna pick up Cat Stevens Gold next time I go out.

The First Cut Is The Deepest
Father And Son
Lady D'Arbanville
Here Comes My Baby
Peace Train
Wild World

Check him out if you havent

Laces Out Dan! 01-02-2006 11:49 PM

Man Cat stevens far his greatest song is Wild World

GoodbyeBlueSky 01-02-2006 11:55 PM

I loove Cat Stevens.
My 3 favorites would have to be
Peace Train
Father and Son
Wild World

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